$7 SNG None-Turbos on Pokerstars

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $7
  • Shorthanded
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Parodiq continues to step up the stakes, this time playing some $7 6max none-turbos on Pokerstars. He also gives us an overview of the uses of tracking sites.


HUD ICM Live Video PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (13)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest video from Parodiq!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.
  • skgo


    wie ich das hasse erst auf das Video klicken zu müssen um dann erst zu sehen das es auf englisch ist ! ist ja so schwer im namen ein (E) zu schreiben
  • cohkka


    Die Flagge siehst du aber schon, skgo?
  • Gnukoenig


    Nice Video but TERRIBLE accent!
  • henrich147


    Puuuh, ich muss mich ja so schon immer sehr anstrengen bei einglisch Vids alles zu verstehen, was meinen nicht ganz so überragenden Englisch Kenntnissen zuzuschreiben ist. Aber mit dem Akzent no chance ^^
  • nopi


    @4: this

    @parodiq: Nice Vid ... but one thing: You do not have to announce all hands that you obv. fold ... this makes it a little bit hectic.
    I look forward to the continuation vid :)
  • skgo


    @3 von der Hauptseite aus wo die neuen Videos angezeigt werden sind keine flaggen dabei !!
  • madein1984


    actually I suggest you get someone to speak the text for you, I really struggle to follow because of the accent. Please don't take it personally, I'd really appreciate getting your content in a way I can use it.
  • xcbrx


    turbos? .... TURBOS????
  • Agosfc


    Very nice vid. Thanks.
  • Anto11



    I'm glad you liked it :).
    About my accent, I'm going to do my best to mitigate it in the next videos

    Best regards,
  • Whysoseriouz


    Nice videos in general Antoan! Very well explained. I think starting players will apreciate how clearly you explain everything.
    Accent is fine, english is not my first language and i understood everything. Some american or british accents are harder to understand especially when they talk fast.


    Proposing some ideas: how about some bubble spots, calling ranges for 3/4 players or spots where we shove over a shortstack with more players left to speak.

  • Anto11



    Gentari and Whysoseriouz, ty for the kind words guys :) . I'm glad that you liked it and that I was helpful!

    Good idea about the bubble spots. I will think about it :) .

    Best regards,