$25k room Main Event Hands Review

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For this weeks freebie Jonathan gives us his analysis on some hands he played in the room $25K!


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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy this weeks freebie as Jonathan reviews some hands from his WPT $25K!

    As always please leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section below.
  • madein1984


    nice vid, especially because of your reads or perceptions of the situations. Would have liked to see the last hand in the wizzard though, cause I'm not sure the pusher is wide enough to make the overshove with 88 profitable, seeing the risk that someone else behind us could wake up with QQ+ too.
  • t7777777


    Very nice video and thanks. I hope you will do more like this one.
  • CardsMaster0089


    very nice vid
  • KKNgroup


    Really like Your analysis, Jonathan! Thank You!
  • fortuna2o1o


    well done!thx
    hope to see more:)
  • Bascht


    thx for the video. i got a question on the first hand: you 2nd Barrel with Ahigh because you think he can fold an 8 or worse. But then you say that you would also valuebet 99 in this spot? (Or did you mean: if villain knows you are capable of 2ndbarreling Ahigh u have to valuebet 99 here?)
  • KratosShepard


    Like it! Would be nice to see more live hand reviews.
  • candyfish


    Thank You Jonathan
  • Rsiatat


    the 85s hand ~ I don't really know what reads u had on him and what u seen be4 at the guy , cause in the vid u talked only about the BU and BB , But with no info/dynamic on/with the villain I belive the river is a fold . He is representing only a straight . Idk what the chance is that the guy is bluffing but I would assume with no info we have to give him credit , he played pretty face up his hand so I woudn't have to pay the river to see the straight .

    Note that I am not influenced by the showdown , I am just saying I never call in these spots with no info solid info about the guy bluffing capabilities or a read of some kind
  • Rsiatat


    Ajo hand in the BU , I think you have to turn bet for value 100% there , u want value out of weaker aces u want value out of 2nd pair and FDs so I think u are missing value there like always and if he end up shoving and showing aces while u are comitted to the pot and have to call I guess thats like taking your cooler like a man :D

    But I would bet like 9500 on the turn there or even lower for value out of all his range ( u get value out of everything except AA or maybe 55,A5)
  • Rsiatat


    You said he could have a high diamond , u want value out of that , and if he has an ace and u don't want to scare him off , u are more likely to get paid on the turn from a weaker ace than on the river I think , mostly if the river comes diamond or an 8
  • Rsiatat


    overall nice analisys , enjoyed it looking foward to your next vids :)
  • Rsiatat


    1 quick question : on ~t100 blinds u said a tight solid guy shoves 10 bbs preante , u think his range is gonna be wider there because he has a tight image and ke knows how to use it ? I don't really think that he will do that risking his Tourn life so probably 88 should be a breakeven iso, and now depends if u want do make a breakeven iso risking half of your stack there with alot other players after u ... hmm now I guess it depends how hard is the table and the tourn field so u can know if u can wait for better spots and/or chip up slowly or u have to gamble more ....

    It's a close call I think and bottom range profitable should be 99+ AQ+ here I think .

    Put it on pokerstove vs a 13.3% range(A9s+Ato+,55+,JTs QTs KTs+ KJo+) u are 49.80% favorite

    What do u think about Solid tighter players ? When are they more likely to use their image , like opening wider 3 betting wider or bluffing ?
  • SilaTigraa


    Too basic spots, in the hand with 85 its clear fold because you also dont beat other 2 pair, also very big size from hin on river = nuts for value
    Aj is easy stack off vs bb, he will call of any weaker ace, even if he does has lower flush when he shoves turn, u have j for completing higher flush,
    These 2 were misplayed
    Other are basic besides german crazy guy hand, i would fold every time on that river online, live maybe you had special feeling but vs any normal player its also fold imo
  • tmannie


    Very informative and enjoyable