Insyder vs Internet HU Championship - Part 2

  • Events
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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Insyder continues his post-match review where he faced off against PS coach Internet during the Pokerstrategy HU championship!


3bet 4bet headsup HU championship internet Live Video Multicoach review

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  • fitzinator18


    the continuation of Insyder's match with Internet. Enjoy!

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  • the_typhoon


    I just saw the first 4 min... Jungleman might be stronger as Arne (KTU), but I think there's no doubt, that Arne was prepared much better. In his blog he documented his preperation. In my point of view KTU's win in his first match means, that work was rewarded.
  • instaflip


    many interesting spots and talked through the action very nice, liked it pretty much. im curious to see with what hands paul decided to overbet river that frequently in his upcoming video as he got a lot of folds there...
  • Advi


    About that AJ call on a 798Q5sss.. Id like to know ur opinion on that call and wish u could go a bit further in explanation. The main question is yea uve played it tricky but what range of hands does he really beat and is it enough to justify that call
  • yomatiyo


    so amazing vids... really, it is so good to hear your thougts. Ty a lot!