$30 45-man SNG Review with KatieDozier314

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KatieDozier314 takes us through a $30 45-man Sit And Go she played recently explaining her thought process and play with emphasis on the late game


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  • Boomer2k10


    Happy New Year Everyone

    Please enjoy today's freebie from KatieDozier314. As always please post any comments for the coach here

  • vyczn15


    Thanks for the video, was fun to watch! And yes, those not-all-in-all-ins are kind of annoying, until you find a way to deal with them. I just think what's the bottom range that I'm calling current raise as an all-in, and then tighten it up several percent depending on the remainder of villain's stack, and if my current hand is in that range - raise, if not - toss. Sounds more complicated than adding up two numbers but for me this approximation method is far less time consuming when multitabling:)
  • madein1984


    nice vid, actually a lot of interesting spots later on. Kinda suprising that PLO UFO could shove hands like A3o on the second last hand.
    I must say I see more benefit in just minraising with small stacks into regs than make it 6bb straight with a 6,xbb stack. I have the impression that regs tend to not see the real stacksize, while seeing a 6bb raise always awakes the attention. For disguising the odds, I think an odd number with a little more behind would be better than those straight numbers. Say, the stack is 10300, I think 8739 is better for disguising than 10000.
    Anyway, always interesting to see some other strategies and the thought processes behind them.
  • KatieDozier314


    @vyczn15- Glad you enjoyed it, and interesting idea about adjusting to the non-all-in all-ins!

    @madein1984- Thanks, and great points about the odd number raises being very confusing for regs!
  • CollinMoshman


    Great video!
  • KatieDozier314


    @Collin: Ty! You must want me to make your favorite meal for dinner tonight ;)
  • zetec


    Great vid, but Im getting sick of all the "freebies".. Why would ppl get content who dont pay anything for it? The russians just come by, watch free vids and pay their rake on a 100% rb ipoker skin.

    GG ps.com, keep destroying the economy..
  • onmybike


    wow great vid! normally a fell a sleep at night when looking to vids (true story-not negative) but this one was that interesting. I tthink best vid i ever see over a 45 man. And the first english 45man vid where they do understand the payout-structure! (collin can learn a lot from you ;) :P ^^ )
    Only the A3o on 33:49 is a pretty easy push imo (maybe raise is better but never fold) you are right because the flat payout en have to be tight but 3 way that change because the payjump from 2 to 1 is close to 2 time bigger then the pay jump from 3 to 2 (close to 9man) 4 way it is way flatter. I did not look in equilibrium but i am close to 100% sure that the A3 is a push.
    good work!!
  • kokkie1975


    great vid!
  • KatieDozier314


    @Zetec: Ty

    @onmybike: Thanks for your nice comment! I put the a3o hand into the nash equilibrium calculator for both raise/fold and open shove. Unexploitably, I can MR 22% and open-shove 31%. That puts a3o at the very bottom of the open-shove range, but assumes that SB won't take a negative edge with sub 4 BB stack and would only call with top 18%. Considering that the SB is a reg, I think he is calling wider than that since he would be correct to take a negative edge at this point. So I do think the decision is close, but I favor a fold.

    @kookie1975: Thanks!
  • onmybike


    @katiedozier314 thanks for your comment! Ok i understand your reasening but i think i do not agree because i think it is not a problem when the SB going whider then nash because we do very good vs that hands like 55% equality with A3o vs K8s-K4s,Q9s-Q7s,J8s+,A6o-A2o,K9o-K6o,QTo-Q9o,JTo. It is maybe even good for us when he cals whider. + an inportant point to go maybe even looser then nash is that the BB is not a reg and wil not cal 95%+ vs a SB push that means that the change that the SB collapse is lower en we have to me looser for that reason. But i agree that it is not an easy push.
  • Steambull


    Very nice vid again Katie. I love how you go through important spots WITHOUT losing pace. Makes it easy to stay focussed.
    Agree ur one of the best SNG vid producers
  • aafrancis


    Great video!

    i love to see and listening your comments !

    Make more 45 men videos please ..i love it !!!
  • KatieDozier314


    @onmybike: You make many good points! Collin is on your side :)

    @Steambull: Thanks very much-- this is exactly what I aim to do in my videos!

    @aafrancis: Ty, glad you enjoyed it!
  • SMler1


    Ty, Katie, one of the best 45 man videos I ever saw!
  • KatieDozier314


    @SMler1: Thank you! :)
  • Alemao333


    Nice vid,my english is not good but i can understarnd u perfectly! :)
  • dogma18


    good video. one question on the 4th last hand where button shoves a7o and you call a10o. Do you not think that the big blind benefits the most from this hand icm wise as whatever the outcome he gains equity. Obviously a10 is a favourite vs button shoving range but really the best you are hoping for is having a dominating ace. Is it ok to take a race 3 handed when blinds are that high?
  • amitshur2984


    nice video kate!.... one question tho... many a times i hace seen suited aces like A7 , A9 , A5 , A3, winning against hands like Ako, AQo or AJo and not by making a flush but actually hitting their single outer specially when the guy has a big stack... so is it really common because they are big stack or just coz their aces are suited?
  • KatieDozier314


    @Alemao333: Thanks!

    @dogma18: Ty. As for the ATo hand, as I say in the video it is the bottom of my range, and is the bottom of the nash range (in nash I should be going with 77+, ATs+, ATo+). It is quite possible that the BB benefits the most from this hand, but that isn't a reason to decline a play we gain from.

    @amitshur2984: Thanks. Low suited aces often have higher equity versus a higher offsuit ace than one would expect-- A7s has 31% equity versus AQo, which means that the weaker ace will tend to suck out almost 1/3 of the time.
  • spongio


  • cashlimit


    Thank you for this great video Katie. It has already helped me very much. I would be delighted to see more of it.
  • ladyluckyfish


    hi katie you are very aggressive, and tough to play with. lol. can i ask you a question what is your 180 and 45 people sng's roi, and how many games you play one month? I saw you play in 6pm sometime, don't you need to eat dinner that time? lol
  • solartje


    finally some uptodate 45man sng on decent stakes, by one of the easyest to listen too voices around and by a greath player. colin should be making your favorit dinner, not the other way around :D Grindettes FTW. hoop to see loads of 45 video's in the future.
  • solartje


    edit: there's only one hand that i would have played differently. pitty u didn't go more into the hand.

    @24:22 9To on the sb, utg pushed effectif stack of 2bb, and you are getting 2:1 odds. First in, this would be a clear push or MR. so with the shortie pushing, wouldn't you be isoshoven the same range as your FI range, making the T9 a +ev isoshove? The BB behind you has a huge bubblefactor and would even have to fold JJ in that spot. i don't think he recognizes you as a reg, meaning he won't be reshippihng loser then nash. havent checked in the calculator, but could you tell us you opinion on that hand.
  • littlecheng


    Happy New Year
  • Pr0teus


    nice vid, hope to see some more using the nash
  • exp3rtr


    Nice video. Nice starting hands )
    Nice author )
    Ty very much for fun and experience )
  • astiastiasti


    well played babe
  • acephalia


    Great video, thank you very much. Will improve a lot from this.
  • modeob


    Muy buen video!!!

    Great video, just like i need... awesome short handed played at the final table!!