MBML Plays the All Star Game - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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MBML continues to review hands from the Pokerstrategy all-star game.


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Comments (10)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy MBML's continuation of his all star game review.

    Feedback and suggestions are appreciated as always!
  • wilsonlok


  • Yordi85


    WHaha the first picture it is funny!
    It show all the names what they mean. But what means mbml or bmlm.
  • oblioo


    18% raise cbet is on the lower end??
  • millilili


    what is the logic in betting 30 at 23:30 ?
  • maritsula


    what did imfromsweden have at the preflop war? Did he release his video yet?
  • bubababu


    Hi, can you explain why you 5bet/7bet so small (obviously without any folding equity) and then called an 8bet preflop for 100bbs - and then fold any flop you miss ?

    I didn't understand that part, maybe i'm just tired...
  • JOYS3R


    oblioo:He said 13% is on the lower end overall(Flop+Turn+River) C/R.
    Otherwise your flop C/R 18%, which i definetely think is on the higher side :D

    bubababu:He decided this time to fight back against the somewhat (crazy) agro swedish player,so thats why he invested a lot of bb's into the pot, but obviously it didn't work out too well :P
  • apple37


    stopped after watching first hand. i thought i tune in for some content, not for comedy
  • fuzzyfish


    I liked this video. Great insight into fishes mind.