Hand With Good Odds Review

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JonathanLittle's latest review video explores hands where we are getting extremely good odds and can therefore form our range vs our opponent to maximize our chipEV


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Comments (4)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Jonathan!

    as always feedback and suggestions are appreciated
  • vyczn15


    Spots like these usually occur in SNGs I'm playing, and probably I'm too tight calling reshoves, so will check this later, thanks a lot for your tip;)
  • Erikk17


    Thanks Gread video. I laughed few tiemes :D I think it helps me reveal mistake i have been making. So thanks :)
    Btw. I want ask you Jonathan. You speek lately quite a lot about edge in live turnaments. Its really that great? I mean i lost whole night playing one turnament and for example get knoked out at a bubble. i could play for that time like 150 SnG online. So it comes to me EV- dont you think? I admit that live cash game can be extremly profitable but since i am more SnG/Mtt player its not for me so much.
  • Ricardo10222


    I think re-steal ranges is actually too loose, i dont find a villain in low stakes, for instance, shoving J4s for re steal, or 97o, u need to know that the players is a regular, or kinda, passive players wont do this