Fast Fold Frenzy: Part 4 - 25NL

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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EmanuelC16 continues his fast fold series as we move up the stakes with commentary on 2 tables of 25NL Zoom


Fast Fold Frenzy fast-fold Live Video PokerStars series

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy as EmanuelC16 continues his fast fold series!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • krooku


    This is my first video (picked it random) of yours I watched and I find it so good.

    Your thought process is easy to understand. It teaches 'standard plays' very well.

  • immot


    Great video as always, agree with #2, easy to understand and follow. Would like to see one more video on NL10 and NL25, because these are played with 2 tables. Keep up the good work, EmmanuelC16 ! :)
  • jachis


    What do you think about overbetting in spots like 16:30, where its obvious villain has some SD value, but his not strong. I do overbet quite a bit in these spots and from my expierience it works like 85% against regs and Im super unbalanced and mostly overbet as a bluff.
  • EmanuelC16


    #4: I do agree if he is not strong but in that specific spot he can be quite strong..

    Not too likely but his range is uncapped even after 2 checks, plus a hand like KQ, KJ, QJ is fairly likely. I'd overbet when villain is also quite capped to one pair hands. In that spot, some tricky AT, T9 is possible, a few KK, quite a few KJ, QJ, KQ.. even if we say he checks them twice only about 1/4 of the time he still has too many combos imo, compared to his Qx which may or may not fold and Jx that didn't fold flop but will fold river.

    I think a normal sized bet is a lot better there compared to overbet since with a big bet we rep a rivered set only while with normal sized we make him fold QT repping a hand like KT, K9 ourselves. He is not really folding 2 pair to any bet and the one pair hands are not enough imo to increase our risk so much. Didn't do exact hand combo now but that's how it should be. Overall given his range I prefer checking though. He just doesn't have many hands to fold to our line since we don't represent value hands well.
  • ribpoker


    min 04:02 (KTs)
    You're certainly right, that the Turn doesn't really improve our hand, but:
    - when river shows an A,K,3 we got a good chance for a split pot
    - QQ and JJ and A5 and (KT/)K9 would bet for free sd here, so chances aren't too bad to be still good.
    - there are not so many hands that have us beat and we always have some outs against these hands.
    So I'd say calling could be almost as good as folding here, do you agree?
  • EmanuelC16


    QQ, JJ and A5 don't bet there imo.. His betting range is going to be something like quads, FH, and TP.. the problem is equity and playability. If we add 9 combos of hands worse than ours we would be about BE with the call and our playability would still suck on any river. The fold is not as tight as it looks if you think of all his range and how poorly your hand plays on the river.
  • KillerFishes


    nice vid :) just two qeustions so far..

    T9s 3:00 Do you think you're really getting enough FE otf? What do you expect him to fold? I guess this is like 100% floating board, since your range is very wide and I don't see him folding Ax like ever, any pp is calling too. For me it's a giveup, simply because if you're cbeting T9s without any backdoor on this board, you have no c/f range imho...

    8:21 J8s Since he's Goldstar I'd assume he's the better player and I think he will never ever ch/c any reasonable draw, just because you float so much on this board texture .. => What do you expect him to play like ch/c? Not a big deal ofc, th EV will be quite same, however, I'd go for chb, just because there is still A8/K8 and you're vbetting only against T9,98 + then same weaker Qx makes sense or 99-JJ...

    Thank you =)
  • EmanuelC16



    T9s: I only need him to fold his clubs, hearts and offsuit crap he called which I think he folds. It's more of a vacuum play vs someone I consider fishy. Without any info I'd probably check/fold too.

    J8s: I wouldn't say somone showing their goldstars is that good actually. I can bet for thin value meaning I only get called by a bit worse equity wise, however I float and bet vs missed cbet often, therefore having such hands helps my range plus I have the option of turning my hand into a bluff sometimes to make him fold A8, K8, 99, JJ. I won't use that option often probably but it's there. I think checking back gets worse when we also consider how often we can't call river bets or how often we lose on rivers. About 25% of rivers are bad for us, I'd rather stay consistent and bet a wide range in those spots.
  • sanpnat0rRNMD


    btw what kind of winrate you have in BB since you seem to play really aggro there?
  • EmanuelC16


    My BB winrate is about -35bb/100. The more you know the tendencies of SB the better you can get it. Initially, without much information it would be worse than that and with more I think you can go 5bb better, depending on how able you are vs CO and BU steals. Vs SB you should always print money.
  • Katrisone


    min 03:32 t.1 (KTs):
    Isnt it better to squeeze it preflop?

  • EmanuelC16


    The just over 50bb stack can call/4bet too often there given his stack size and my hand plays well 3way vs 2 supposedly weaker players. Offsuit I would not flat there but suited makes it much better.
  • 2phil4u


    I sometimes wonder about your fold to 3-bets, you open QTs for 3 BB from CO and he only raise from the BU to 8 BB.
    Myself i call too much oop on 3-bets, but in this case, you have so good odds and players play so honest in 3-bet Pots, do you really find this fold good.
    And you fold QJs from BB against a 3 BB openraise, dont you think you can call here profitably ?
  • EmanuelC16


    QJs could have been misclick, what minute was it? What position did the player open from and with what stack size?

    QTs: OOP with that hand is not that great. QTs is not KQs, it's quite a bit worse. Getting good pot odds is only part of the story. The money flows to the player IP so we have to account for that too.
  • raven112233


    How did you turn on this "eye" on the fold button?
  • EmanuelC16



    Options->Zoom Options -> Display Fold and Watch