A Balanced Perspective of Augepaul: Part 3

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  • $3/$6
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Boomer continues his review of Pokerstrategy.com member Augepaul.


6-max Aggressive analysis series Session Review

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy as Boomer continues reviewing Augepaul's session.

    As always please leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section below!
  • Shamto


    About the last Hand (QJ):

    I think our opponents see our Range that comes passively to the river as one that is very likely to go to the SD (which isn't that wrong if we look at our range), so I see the most opponents ending up here bluffing less frequent than they should as the rivercard is a total blank to both ranges. So while it might be right (from the theoretical point of view) to call with QJ here, I think in practice the better adjustment would not approaching the GTO strategy but folding hands like QJ and maybe even pairs lower 6, and it still might be to loose since there are tons of oppenents (esp. on lowstakes up to 3/6 or maybe 5/T as well) who are not bluffbetting the river whatsoever, so calling too loose (even if it's theoretically correct) would be a bigger mistake, or let's say, a worse adaption, than folding too much.

    Would be great to get some feedback on that one, tia.
  • madorjan


    #2 And because it's common knowledge, everybody folds more than should, so some bluff here even more often than optimal, against whom folding QJ is an even bigger mistake. We could get into the forever running rock-paper-scissors game for sure, but do we really want that?
  • lerss


    hi! Can u tell, where can i get that equity calculator?
  • Augepaul


    or use the pokerstrategy Equilab :)
  • Boomer2k10



    The problem with that thought process is it uses something I called "Pre-Emptive Exploitation"

    It bascially lies in essentially taking what the "average" player does and trying to exploit based on that. The problem is you're not up against an average player, you're up against an individual so what you're doing by deviating from Balanced play is that you're attacking a perceived weakness that, while has a chance of being correct, has a chance of being the exact opposite of what you need to do

    I have no doubt that there are many midstakes players who don't bluff anything like enough on boards which aren't obvious bluff candidates becasue they're trying to play well and hand read and this creates a sort of artifical equilibrium where most of these pre-empitvely exploitative plays are "correct" because no-one adapts correctly.

    However, the side I want to come from is that I feel that the better players at these stakes will bluff correctly, or as correctly as they can on the fly, and I'm more interested in defending ourselves from the potential levelling game that balanced play tries to avoid.

    To be honest I used to base my game on pre-emptive exploitation and felt I had a lot of success with it but they were different days in LHE and nowadays in more aggressive games I prefer to defend my range more initially before switching gears.

    If, after a few hands, you see he never bluffs on these sorts of boards then I'm happy to start folding but not as a pre-emptive action if I don't have a read
  • Augepaul


    Min 12:00
    Don't you think it’s inconsitent to say we should fold 22-44 on the Flop vs the raise but then call 55 and 66 on the Turn?
    Most likely there is only a very slight difference between these hands and we beat except for the small Pockerpairs the same hands with our Ax hands than we beat with 66 or 55 and we have more outs to improve even it’s only one but also we don’t have the chance to get counterfeited on the River plus with Ax we can split on the River vs Ax with a flushdraw. Even though that last point is unlikely.

    -Min 20: but if we fold these hand to a bet shouldn’t we then bet the River as a bluff if checked to since we're getting the same price to bluffbet and to call a potential bluffbet.

    -Min 28:00
    Would you also raise a 9, a Js or Ts?

    -Min 34:00
    Do you think it’s a bit difference if we throw in some Jx hands we’re going to peel and fold some Qx so that we can’t be exploited in the future ( like always betting a J since we won’t be peeling a Jack except for QJ and AJ; maybe folding Q6o bu call JT ( it also has better chances to connect with the backdoor straightdraw

    Min 39:00:

    My thoughtprocess was sth like: I don’t expect my opponent to think I would be folding the River after I called the Turn a lot so I went ahead and just did that.

    However I think since I would have c/r more 6x hands I should call a bit more on the River, so again a leak of me folding to much to riverbets!
  • Augepaul


    Ah man I should have read the comments, before I send my comment, sorry.

    Your arguments against Shamto's argument are very good, thanks!
  • abnaxis


    Just a simple Thank You comment from me :)

    I've been watching your vids for quite a while and they've really helped me out, so a huge sincere thank you from me for taking your time and helping us out with your vids :)
  • Kahless


    I really like your videos Boomer because of your balanced perspective. There are so many exploitive playing style videos out there and only few that focus on a balanced, gto - like syle. please continue with that :)
  • wuerstchenwilli


    Min 17:20 you missed A7o on the turn aswell. I love the combonator! Because of your vids I bought him myself! But as we can see it is not easy to use. So my recommodation is to be better prepared by using Notes or anything, which hands you groupe in which groupe. No offend! Just an advise!

    But I think calling 55 amnd 66 is correct because it is not badly played if someone checkraises 22-44 on this paired board to shoot out 15 Outers or so, Hero doesn't know from.
  • wuerstchenwilli


    A4s: 21:30

    easy bluffbet vs better Ax BEACAUSE the River hits our checkbehindrange so hard an A4 is the bottomend of our Range!!!
  • wuerstchenwilli


    Min 35:00 again a mistake with the combonator. You fold J6o. And I think totally forget about the 6x Hands.
  • Boomer2k10



    Yeah bottom of our range turning A3s and A4s into bluffs there is pretty much mandatory. I was mainly concerned about analysing our range there if our opponent bet so yeah, good point
  • Boomer2k10



    I don't totally forget about them, I just wouldn't raise them all, I definitely missed J6o though whichis a definite error

    I did take some notes for myself before doing this but wide range situations are always going to be a little difficult to analyse, especially when you're not using "hard" hand values to seperate your ranges

    Will try and make sure I'm 100% on the ball next time I do a vid like this (whenever that is I don't know), I do check myself on my videos a lot but unfortunately one or two slight errors sometimes slip through the cracks