NL $200 Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Session Review

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  • Bamboo13


  • RoyalGreg


    realley nice video
  • zubrils2


    I like to raise with AA in that spot just because there's this guy behind me just for protection against flush draw. I think it's pretty likely that one of them is drawing so imo it's better to make a raise there. Also by just calling we can't be sure that turn won't scare them away either way if overcard comes or 3'rd diamond(as we saw). But if u have a read that the third guy will most of the time fold then u can play it out that way but overall against 2 ppl without really strong reads I would play that out straight forward.
  • zubrils2


    Forgot to mention that lack of position might really make playing harder so for a unexpierienced player raising there is a better option.

    Overall nice video, always happy to watch, many non standart spots and also nice explanation how and why to use stats. Thank you!
  • Ruleza


    Great video Jeroen. Why not check the turn in the AA hand ? If they shove u can call, if it gets checked around you have showdown value + FD. Or am I forgetting about something?
  • Diedobal


    The AA hand: I'm pretty much sure you were far behind on flop vs the BTN reraise. He was a fairly passive player (1.6 af). A flushdraw he would problably just call after a bet&call. Therefore most likely hand he has is a low set or 2 pair.

    With the tag calling and the passive bu raising you, you're AA is useless imo. Reraising flop would be bad.

    And no fan of shoving turn into 2 people when all draws have hit. You're shoving it in with only 7-8 outs.

    Think BU got scared because of all the draws that the turn completed. Now he mucks low set/2 pair.

    Could problably muck on flop.

    As played, check/call turn if you like to hit 7 outers.

  • darkonebg


    Thank you, nice video. I'd rather shove the flop with the AA in that spot ,than flat calling and then shoving the turn when first to act.
  • zubrils2


    Imo he migth raise flop just because flat calling looks weak and he must expect u to make a contin bet with air or weak overpair so he might have made a move. As we saw u did play many hands on that table so we should take in count that sooner or layer would make a move on u.

    I don't think that someone will bet the turn as a bluff after there r still 3 ppl in because for everyones point of view someone could have hit the flush so I didn't think that checking would achieve anything but betting could make them fold 2 pair type of hands or mb even a bottom set(highly doubt it) since u made it clear that u weren't folding.
  • Timor83


    About the AA hand:

    In retrospect I think this is a raise on the flop. sraven is certainly capable of raising a flushdraw + overs, his flop AF is 2 which is high enough for him to be raising with was is presumably a hand that has 54% equity, whereas in reality his overcard outs are no good. But indeed, Eric_Cardman is a concern and I want to get him out, I don't think he has a set because he will play it faster so he will fold often to a reraise, and then I can maximize my equity against buttons range (set, draw, lower overpair).