JakeLaMotta Plays Midstakes on Stars

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400 - $600
  • Shorthanded
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A warm welcome to our new coach JakeLeMotta. Today bringing us 4 tables of 400-600NL, playing live and discussing his thoughts throughout.


Live Video PokerStars

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi guys

    Please welcome JakeLaMotta and enjoy his first video for Pokerstrategy.com

    Any comments and feedback please leave here
  • franeczek


    Firstly the tables are weird size so it is hard to follow.
    Secondly at the beggining of the video you said I don't play on Stars so I don't recognize any of the player. So what's the point of this video???
    I mean it is the same when I start playing on some site it ends up with me doing a bunch of folding (cause you can't really play anything but close to GTO style). There are ways to hide screenanmes in camtasia or you can do conncept video or hand history review but not sth like that when you have no idea how they play and what their tendencies are. It is worthless.
  • pleno1



    When you play nl200/400 there is often a big player pool, especially in Zoom so often you will be playing vs people you have no reads vs so think making a video vs randoms and playing solid is fine/good?
  • pleno1


    In fact I'd actually prefer to watch a live video of good/solid play than just how to play against regs with lots of reads, they are 2 v different videos.

    So many players at mid stakes play completely terrible so having a foundation of a good solid play without spending the whole time of the video talking about stats is perfectly fine imo.
  • grrgrrbla



    welcome to pokerstratergy nice to have you here. in your follow up videos i would really like you to concentrate on and talk about:

    - what villains range is in each spot
    - what your range is in each spot

    -> why you are doing what you are doing

    Without the reasoning behind your actions i really don't get that much out of your videos and learn that much.

    Like for example in min 5:00 you check/call AK on 8xxtt without talking about the points above, like:
    - what is your opponents bettingrange?
    - what is your check/x-range and betting-range? how do they look like?

    because without any more explanation to me your play is really bad.
  • pleno1


    Oh and btw the community really asked for a lot of "live play from midstakes" so we asked JakeLaMotta to make a format of video that works on solid/winning play at midstakes.

    So if you don't want to see this kind in the future let me know and I can help change this, but its not JakeLaMotta's fault :)
  • jakelamotta


    About the table-sizing there is def something I could do about that but honestly I am bit unsure of what you mean,
    smaller or what? Cause I cant make them bigger without overlap on my screen. Obv I could do them smaller and then have
    them fill up the entire recording.

    About not playing on stars and that making the video useless I dont agree. Of course there should be videos
    of both the type where you play against regs you have played thousands of hands with. But thats not all there
    is to poker, everyone will be in these spots. And more importantly, even if you DO play against known players.
    Knowing approximations of thresholds is going to help you alot in knowing how to deviate and when you or villain
    is in fact doing that.

    But obv also prepared to do a video on Ongame, where I usually play, with a hidden screen name if thats what people want.

    Yeah I felt that I should have been doing more of that aswell after making the video. I think its because
    its a live action video and therefore its hard to focus on both playing and doing any longer explanations of things at
    the same time. So might
    do a prerecorded one next time. Or HH-analysis, I actually think that might be the best thing.

    About the AK I assume youre talking about the 872K8 board?

    Normally Id valuebet any 7 I can have I think (and just maybe even 66), I think its close. This is based on previous calculations on
    villains potential ranges. Id probably call with AK as the worst hand and therefore 66 as the best hand. Obv I throw in some big hands aswell
    to balance that, I like to use AA (sometimes) for that cause it doesnt have as much protection value in a bet. So assuming this, on this particular turn AK becomes
    an easy call. I actually made some quick calcs now and you should actually fold a couple of AK combos if I thought I only beat bluffs but I dont and furthermore
    I think this is a spot where the population of regs gear towards bluffing to much cause the flush hits and I cant concievably have it. I am not going to
    go into my exact calcs in this comment field but if I make a HH-analysis video I will do complete calcs.
  • pleno1


    Just some info for all..

    We are going to release some regular mid stakes videos over the next weeks/months.. We want to tackle some different topics.

    1) Live video, readless playing vs unknowns and making good solid decisions at mid stakes

    2) Hand history review session by Oblioo

    3) Playing against regs (with reads and stats) and exploiting them

    4) Playing Zoom and how to play against both unknowns AND regulars

    Hopefully this will be a really good balance so we don't just release "the same thing" every week :)
  • mbml


    On stars, you can press Ctrl+9 and the tables will snap into place and fill the screen.
  • pericas1991


    eather turn off the option of showing your cards, or dont click on the cards while in hand, 22:42 u showed that u have one T with your set.. xD
  • pericas1991


    and yea, if u cant describe the reasoning behind your actions while u play, u can prerecord it and add the sound later, but try to explain the thought procces that u have before u make a move..
  • PokerIsBadBeat



    16:56, ninja666 look like very agressive, what do you think about check raise the turn with T9?

    39:56 ninja66 3 bet you again, what do you think about 4 bet bluff with 22?
  • pKay


    Also please turn on auto-rebuy! ;)
  • Santalino2


    "Firstly the tables are weird size so it is hard to follow."

    For your next video plz make before some recording-Tests and/or record with a higher resolution (for example the bet amounts are very unsharp). Just take a short look in any random other video here and then take a look in your own video and then u should know how terrible this quality is... ask other producers about their recording seting, but FIND A SOLUTION!
  • jakelamotta


    I think a turn check raise is fine there with a hand like that, its very easy to be doing it to much though. So something to keep in mind.

    Id recommend against trying to deduce anything really from the fact that he 3bets us again. The mind is easily tricked and card rushes could as easily explain frequent 3bets on a sample like that. Now I dont think we should never 4bet as a bluff but there are plenty of hands that are better of doing that with (A2-A5 for example). So adding 22 to that range would make our range heavily weighted to bluffs.

    It has to do with the rendering , looked fine in camtasia. Not an excuse but an explanation, will be better next time.
  • yomatiyo


    lol the tables are just fine... when I see how u people complain in this comunity I just dont belive...

    Is like "mom, I wanna icecreaaaam moooom".

    Omg dont be so childless plz.

    tables are fine! can be better, but OMG, u can watch PERFECT everyting.