$3.50 Rebuy 180-Man Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $3.40
  • Fullring
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Katie reviews a $3.50 rebuy 180man sit & go on pokerstars. Discussing shoving ranges, none all-in all-ins, playing an exploitive style and playing nash,


bubble Equity hand history review ICM MTSNG PokerStars turbo

Comments (14)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Katie!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • egohenry


    12:36 Why do you say its ok to just call the 3bet when the reg has a big 3bet %??, the SPR in the flops is going to be like 1.1 or something like that, i mean for our villain is going to be very profitable in position to just jam all in any flop, cause we are just floping something like 1/3 of the time.

    whit that stacks, if he is 3bet bluffing a lot in that spot, and polarizing (which i dont really think so... we are opening from UTG+1 and he is puting 1/3 of his stack in a 3bet, a reg is going to just shove 21bb or less) i like just to 4bet shove, there´s a big pot out there to just take in the case he is folding and we still have some equity if he calls, we dont need to play post flop whit a really small SPR and oop (just my thinking).

    3 things: 1.- i really loved the video, really need some more of this videos, iam a fish who is starting whit this 180man-crazy-MTTs, i dont know a lot of things about ranges of push and fold, what to do and all of that; 2.- there are not many videos of 180man in the spanish commuty (wich is where i came from :P ); 3.- sorry if i make a mistake writing this, iam not a very good english speaker or writer.
  • KatieDozier314


    #2 egohenry: Yes I agree, this will most often be a fold, and the remaining times when we are up against a very LAG opponent, just shoving is a solid option. Thanks for the feedback and very glad you enjoyed the video :)
  • sz3sz


    two things
    a) non allin allins make you look super suspiciously weak, so competent player will isolate you even wider than he would do if you were shoving your whole range - and to be honest - donks dont care anyway. The only way to avoid that is to keep your whole range in the nonallin-allins way of play ... which nobody does cause who wants extra FEq in this spot with top ;) (thats why its exploitable as hell).
    b) why do you bother counting true bbs ? ive never met anyone using that.

    most of us are using two ranges of hands for bbs (i mean preante ranges for xx bbs and postantes) or one M ranges. theres no time to count true bb while 30-tabling ;).

    any special reason behind this ?

    and at last thing - you've got perfect voice for poker movies, you should be dubbing them all,
  • CollinMoshman


    @sz3sz I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on the nonallin allins :). I find adjusting to true bbs while 20+ tabling easy-- once you get used to what the ante-adjusted bb is it just becomes second nature. :) Though of course M is a very viable way of adjusting too. Thanks for the compliment :)
  • KatieDozier314


    The above comment was actually mine, sorry! I didn't realize Collin was logged in on my computer :)
  • PoSx3o


    at first i want to agree with sz3sz regarding your voice! really nice and clear.
    secondly im asking myself what have i learnd from this vid ? it was just like most of the sng vids here, a good running hero having the setups on his side and sucking out once in a while to win. nothing really there that help me improve.
    id like to see some vids where hero is doing the right moves and decisions but still loses alot. because that does happen alot too in these turbo sngs doesnt it ^^? or a video where hero goes deep because of his skill and not because of the setups,suckouts he gets.
  • PoSx3o


    i think it would be great motivation to stick to your game and dont start to question it when running bad for a while, if u see that others share this experience. id also like to see some spots with pocketpairs <15bb and some spots where the blinds are about to hit you soon as a shortstack. wheter 76s is better to push into 6oponents or a4o etc. you encounter the most tough spots if ur start in these turbos is bad and u loose like 1/3 of ur stack early. id like to smht for that ^^ ty sry 4 doublepost xD
  • Targetme


    oh i just realized your hotjenny314 online gl at the tables
  • davidgod


    18:18 why fold aqo pre flop with position , the utg just miniraise
    57:09 i think it is a shove with k4o
  • KatieDozier314


    @Posx30: Thanks! The nature of MTTSNGs is that they pretty much require one to win flips in order to have a super deep run in a tournament-- which are the ones naturally more suited to making videos on because they also involve more ICM concerns and short-handed play. I have my next two videos planned already, but perhaps I could do my next video after that on looking at individual hands from tourneys that involve more creative play. :)
  • KatieDozier314


    @Targetme: Thanks, good luck to you too! :)

    @davidgod: With the stacks of the players left to act, and considering that there are at least a couple regs, I think flatting has the potential to put us in a very tough spot. However, if the average stacks were deeper, and the opener didn't look tight, I would agree with you.

    Good catch!:) The Nash HU Chart says you can shove K4o for 13.1 blinds, so this is an unexploitable shove with a bit over 12 big blinds, and minraise is another good option.
  • shibumi3179


    mix fortune with nice job,thank you :)
  • HDecstasy


    18:07 how about shove Q9s ante adjusted BB is like 445 with the effective stack behind as is less than 10bb tnx for the video Katie