NL600 Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $600
  • Shorthanded
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Desultory takes to the replayer and discusses in depth some of his 600NL interesting hands


hand history review PokerStars replayer

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy Desultory's newest video!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • YsoSerious


    #you are speaking very sloooooooow

    #why dont you show stats??? you sometimes tell us 2 or 3 stats but there are much more relevant stats in most spots!

    JTs: I absolutely dont understand why bet flop and check/call turn is better than check/call flop and turn? when you cbet flop he will often fold low pockets and 65s type hands, so his turn bettingrange is stronger than it would be if you check/call flop...

    87s: i think you didnt mention his wtsd, but i would say he will only fold 99 or 8x hand on the river. absolutely dont like the riverbet. and i think you donkt represent many AK AJ AA because you would often secondbarrel them

    A9s: you mentioned leading here. i think its terrible to lead this board vs a superwide range which will cbet nearly 100% on this flop. the only reasen why i would lead here is a read that villain spews around vs leads and i am happy to call a raise and call down on later streets. but vs 99% of players its really bad to lead here imo... (dont you think you need some good hands in you check/x range?)
    i dont think its bad to check/raise this turn, but i still prefer to check/call with the intention to call down on all rivercards. you give him the chance to bluff total air (often Ax) again. and i expect most villains to cbet the hands, that picked up a draw on the turn, on the flop (but he didnt)

    AKs: i absolutely dont like to check/raise turn because you only rep AK+ and if you check/call he may thinks you will fold QQ JJ hands on river... (would you ever checkraise bluff a hand on the turn on this board?)
    i like your quite big river bet, i would bet even bigger, ~pot because i expect him to fold KK and worse anyways and so i think his calling range is quite static

    KQo: i can understand your plan of leading a lot vs opponents with very low cbet stats, but i dont like the donkbet on this board. and i dont think you can bet/call flop +ev, you will have to fold nearly all of the time when you dont hit your straight. even if its a total blank you cant check/call because he will often bluffbarrel A high stuff
  • Desultory


    Thanks for your feedback YsoSerious.
    I'm not sure you are asking questions for debate or definitively criticising? All of your points are subjective and debatable imo. So I'll just go over each of your points in my view, in case that's what you were after.

    This was the first video I made for ps. At that time I had no idea of what the communities knowledge level was at pokerstrategy. So my explantations may be too long winded in things that are known by all diamond members. I apologise for that and for my next vid I will make sure I cater for the right environment.
    I will take onboard that you think I'm speaking too slow and I will speak faster next vid.
    I will show more stats in future. It seems the community likes stats: I wasn't aware of that at the time of making, as mentioned above and didn't want to be continually spouting stats that quite frankly I don't given much credence to anyway. You have to be careful about taking stats too literally imo. Average stats do not cater for a specific situation.
    I can use the HEM replayer in future to make sure my stats show.

    JTs: As explained in video, I feel like I have defined his range better by betting flop. By check calling flop vs an unknown, I have no idea what his range for betting will be. It could just be top pair plus which makes my calling flop bad and check guess calling turn potentially terrible.
    By betting flop I think I definitely get calls from Gutshots that may check back. Vs this guy. His cbet flop fold is 20%...I actually say 'pre flop fold' but I mean 'cbet fold'.
    I don't think his checkcall,bet turn range is necessarily stronger than his bet,bet turn range as you argue. I think its much more common for recreational players to bet gutshots after calling a bet than to bet,bet.
    XC,XC,XC line may bet better but we will never know. Its opponent dependant and its not my standard line vs unknown likely recreational players.
    I also explain in the video, that I don't feel confident in estimating 3barrel frequencies but more confident is estimating 2barrel frequencies and I think that is fine reasoning.
    If checked to, do you think he will go bet,bet,bet with the 66 hand he actually has? I'm not so sure. But he certainly will call,bet,bet it :)
  • Desultory


    I don't think AK definitively bets turn. More likely I barrel AJ but not definitely. If he thinks like you then the river bet is bad yes.
    The point is he is capped and although I don't rep much I didn't give him enough credit to hand read. Obviously the bet was bad after seeing the outcome.
    Who goes bet,x,bet as a bluff apart from me? That makes it look like value. I don't think all regs snap call here.

    In video, I explain reasoning for leading vs recreational players. I don't think its 'terrible' as you say, by any means, but I come to the same conclusion as you that checking is better as that's what I do...Donking value balances your donk ranges obviously. Your comment makes me assume you must think that people play straight forward to donks and fold every time. I don't think this is the case.
    I actually say I think in video that checkcall,checkcall is probably better...But I am showing you alternative lines that I thought might be interesting.

    If I have JJ+ and I'm only folding QQ-JJ barreling river is -EV, which makes the logic of calling turn to get value from bluffs redundant. I actually explain checkcall,checkraise logic/reasoning for various opponents in video...
    I am capable of bluffing hands on turns in these spots. Whether I can or not is irrelevant. Its whether he thinks I can or not. Does it look bluffy or not to him?
    I think it looks more bluffy raising turn than xcalling and hoping to get a bet on the river. I may get Axs calls and I get all flush draws calling a raise this way.
  • tomasa82


    That is trust or false
  • YsoSerious


    thank you for all the detailed answers. of course i wanted to bring up some points for debating, i dont spend so much time for criticising. may i choose some wrong words, sry for that ...
  • Jack2u3


    The lines you are taking are beyond horrible. However Ysoserious' analysis is pretty much spot on. Nothing more to add...
  • Desultory


    Definitive :)

    I stand by my lines and I explained in depth reasons for, and potential alternatives.

    I should be making another 2 more vids this month. If they also get badly received, I will make sure I don't make any more for poker strategy.