Introducing Desultory: 400NL Live Session

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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A warm welcome to new coach "Desultory" as he brings us a 400NL session review.


3bet 4bet flop Live Video postflop

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  • fitzinator18


    We're happy to have new coach "Desultory" on board, enjoy his 400NL session review!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions below!
  • Nickexistiertbereits


    Very Welcome, I´m working on Diamodn Status ;-)
  • Talent2


    Thx for the video! And welcome to Pokerstrategy :)

    Regarding your question on the min5b-range I would assume it is sth like this:Js+/AK/KJs/AJo/KQo
    but it obviously depends on the type of opponent your are facing!
    But my main point I want to mention is, that if you look at your spot in Min 45 with Ks vs maloyd. He makes his 4b to 15bb, pls notice that your not gonna be able to profitable bluff5bet against this sizing (risk reward) so I would think of min5b or calling vs such a sizing, what is your opinion on that!?

    I m looking forward to see more of your videos, see you at the tables :)
  • Talent2


    Sorry, I obv meant bluff5bet jam!
  • pleno1


    Diamonds can also discuss here:
  • pericas1991


    nice vid sir, welcome to pokerstrategy! :)
  • Desultory


    Referring to the KK hand at 45mins: I think it is profitable to bluff 5bet ship depending on your hand equity vs his calling range & depending on his fold to 5bet amount. 33%equity and 55%fold to 5bet is +EV to ship with his sizing I think.
    I never know how people will react to min5bets so I would never do it as a bluff until I realise, as they might think they have odds to call the stuff we are trying to fold out. Having KK is a good time to test it - if they fold you get a lot of info and can incorporate min5bets into your game.
    Calling 4bets is more common, and if he is bluffing a lot and folding to 5bet a lot then calling the 4bet oop is ok. It might be better than 5betting depending on if hes the type to put another cbet in.
  • Desultory


    And thank you for your warm welcomes and 5* ratings! I'm very pleased the vid is adequate. (so far)
  • IronPumper


    nice vid so far - thx^^

    what are your thoughts on tuffshark`s range when he would have jammed over your turnraise given your perceived range?
  • IronPumper


    You idea of opening less vs. tough players is a good one, but:
    Here youre OTB, hence IP and J8s is a top40%-hand.
    So you can open vs. tough palyers here a bit less, but imo you should not go too far with tightening up here...

    Though your in general more on the tighter side (also OTB, <50%) according to my stats on you - so mb for your rangea/plan it is all right - idk...
  • Yaruk7


    saw you at nl00sh
    or that was somebody other with same looking nickname ?
  • Yaruk7


  • Desultory


    In reply to #9:
    Different regs would perceive my range differently(100% nuts or 100% draws maybe). Its hard to know what one reg will think of your range but if he ships over, I'm always calling, therefore I think its a high enough possibility that he will not believe my raise to be anything strong enough to call a ship, so he ships draws/maybe Top pairs for protection.
  • Desultory


    In reply to #10:
    Pleno1 agrees with you and thinks I should open J8s and K5o OTB. I'm not advocating folding those hands - I'm just illustrating that I have and I will. I don't think you need to open as much as every one thinks you do OTB ad I don't think your missing out on much profit if at all, by not opening those hands. <40% from button is fine imo. More recently I've been opening 100% from button to compare. My conclusion is somewhere in between the two depending on blinds. Vs these 2 guys, I'm happy opening <40% still.
    In regards to mb; the wider you open the less you should open - mb for 100%, 2.5x for tighter openinng ranges. I'm currently opening button min all the time now. TBH, I think none of this matters nearly as much as post flop stuff. I think you can have a decent win rate doing either.
  • Desultory


    'less $' you should open
  • Desultory


    In reply to #11:
    No that was me. I'm trying to multi table and get a decent hand sample before I move up and do it.
  • IronPumper


    Idk, if I would be so optimistic because you are repping no real air with this line, but more a strong hand which thinks Villain will not 3barell anyways OTR too much...
    This you said yourself and I would be worrying that tuffshark is good enough to realize this...
  • AAAKK19788


    buen video exelente
  • millionaire


    Sad to say there was not one interesting spot in this video...