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Give a warm welcome to Tom "MtSpewmore" Langley, as he brings us his first video. He discusses the early stages of small stakes MTTs and why it's so important to play well in these stages, he uses a member hand history to illustrate these points as he gives his thoughts on the hands hero played.


3bet Equity PokerStars series

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  • fitzinator18


    Welcome new coach Tom "MtSpewmore" Langley and enjoy his first video!

    Feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated and Tom will be happy to answer any questions you may have!
  • Pr0teus

  • Ratatuj


    Hi, Pr0teus,

    the vid is ok, try to clean cache and restart your browser.
  • dialbo


    Hi, in the left corner (Infos), you can find the Pot Odds every time, you dont have to calculate it.
  • dialbo


    Almost forget say Ty for the nice video :)
  • dialbo


    Oh I mean left=right :) I am tired a bit...
  • CardsMaster0089


    # min 42:45 is that bad to just flat for set mining? We have to call 900 for possibly doubling up (14k) so the implied odds are quite high... Without considering that we're getting 3.2:1 of effective odds and we should get at least 3500 out of our opponent postflop...
  • Ricardo10222


    preeety nice vid ... is there a part 2 ?
  • pleno1


    There will be a part 2, MtSpewmore is a really good/solid grinder. He also won the big $109 and final tabled the Sunday kick off so will get some reviews of those too.
  • MtSpewmore


    hey guys, glad to be a part of the team here at pokerstrategy and I hope to bring you better and better content in the future.

    @dialbo, yea I'm relatively new to video making and that was definitely a woops on my account and showing my inexperience on camera because I have definitely used universal replayer enough to know that its there :D so apologies for some below par maths in this video.

    @cardsmaster The problem with calling the 3bet with 88 is that we are going to lose the pot such a high % of the time postflop I don't think the times we do flop a set will make up for the times we lose the pot by c/folding or c/calling once on 732r and folding turn for example. Alot of players who play tournaments have a big leak when it comes to playing pairs imo and burn alot of money in a variety of different ways. Maybe I can make a video on the pros and cons of setmining/playing pairs in different scenarios? (will probably include some more bad maths :D)

    Another thing I will add is it is very hard in some situations to think about the optimal decision without any info on the villians in question as this wasn't my hand history, so for example this villian 3betting might be playing 7/5/2 over 500 hands and his range is just so JJ+ heavy that it might be profitable to peel the 88 because we stack him such a high % of the time if we flop a set whereas if he is running 25/20/11 then we just simply don't win enough money postflop vs him OOP to make this a profitable call because he will have a merged 3betting range and won't always flop something to stack off with when we do actually flop a set. My next video will probably be something to do with some of my own hands so I will be able to give more specific reads to situations and explain why I'm doing something vs a particular villian easier :)

    @Ricardo as Pleno said, we do have some stuff lined up and I'm looking forward to getting started on the next project.

    Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Cheers for watching, Tom
  • glenn161274


    Nice first video, the last hand was quite interesting, i suppose we should have made a plan for the shove from the button before we made the play. I think it was close since we had invested into the pot already, but A3 will be dominated so much it is very close, this is were i think making the decisions on how much % we have or need can be some what misleading.
  • teampoland


    Very interesting video! I sometimes find myself wondering though, if perhaps we should be taking slightly -EV all-in spots in the early/early-mid stages of the low stakes MTTs just because we can take more advantage of a having a big stack. In general people in those 0-5$ buy-in tourneys pay much more attention to pay-jumps and to payouts in general and are very susceptible to aggresion when playing against stacks that cover them. Care to weigh in?
  • ionutd


    I really enjoyed the video and think you're one of the better and easier to watch video makers on pokerstrategy. Here comes a wall of text with spots I hope to discuss with you. Thumbs up from me and please keep making videos. All the best.

    ~11min - j97r, can't cb, a looser bb calling range hits ~60%, cb is not prof in a vacuum, what's worse tho is we can't really barrel broadways since those are a decent amount of his flop c/c range. we can go for a delayed cb when a 2-4 turns or board pairs, I believe that's the only prof line to take, otherwise check it down, fold to bets.
    ~15min - T73r, I like when you said why we want him to call the cb, it's a cool and useful concept to understand
    ~19min - jd5d7h6h, dont like raising turn, value is really thin and we have pos so we get max info on his hands on the river. I feel the exact same things you said on the flop apply to the turn. It's too thin, we get sucked out on a lot anyway when not behind, don't think it makes the hand easier to play otr, as in he still checks the river with marginal hands and we can't call a decent river bet either way. I don't think it's terrible by any means but simply unnecesarry. Doesn't make much sense to take the risk and invest in a raise, simply to raise this small, do you follow me?
    ~21min - AdJh5h, I'd c/f all streets with Jrag, 4w someone's gonna have Arag, better J, fd's, gutshot broadways which we can not bet on. -ev spot to bet imo, at best slightly +ev.
    ~26min - I like your analysis on the KK flop stack off, surely this will be useful to a lot of ppl
    ~28min - I like your bet sizing on the turn and I would not go for a river c/c since he can def call a 1/2p bet with 2p and the occasional set for the top range / Q for the bottom, he can also bluff his missed fd if we bet as well. Our line can look like we have a fd too. I think by checking we're missing on way more value from good hands that will call but wont bet, compared to the bluffs we pick up. It's kind of a scary board to bluff as well for him.
    ~31min - I'd just give up to his small bet since I'm not willing to barrel my stack off to a fish when I have no idea what cards I can barrel and no real amazing equity either.
  • ionutd


    ~35min - k53r ,I don't agree with peeling the flop raise, we're usually behind and if not so, crap poor equity. What worries me the most tho is that, like the line you advocate, we have to try make something happen on the turn and river and that's just forcing a +ev play. Why would I want to risk so much of my stack and tournament just to get a fish to fold a K? Think about it, this is a seriously dubious business proposition.
    ~35min - t53r, not sure why you like leading into 3ppl with a gutshot and a fish directly to our right.
    ~49min - Should we really risk 40% of our stack to win 3% EV? In a cash game, if you're high variance tilt proof, sure; with a tourney life involved, I think this is a losing proposition.
  • MtSpewmore


    @ion thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts.

    11min~ I agree with you on reflection

    19min~ I actually really like raising the turn for all the points i made in the video, I would personally go to 900-1000 as I feel his range is pretty draw/mid pair heavy which we can get value from ott. We can also save ourselves money because he will often bet bigger than 600 (our raise ott) so the times he does have KJ i think we save a little bit of money and potentially win more from the weak range that he will c/f a big part of otr

    21min~ I think c/f is a fine play albeit a little weak

    26min~ ty sir

    28min~ If were gona bet I definitely like betting alot smaller to potentially induce a spaz raise when we bet 900 I don't think he can ever bluff raise. It is a scary board for him to bluff but I dont think hes just gona check back KJhh for example. Pretty interesting spot otr actually.

    31min~ I think folding is too weak and I would do something to contest this pot almost always, I think just calling can be ok too.

    49min ~ the range I gave him was very much on the tight side, I think he will actually be alot wider in general so I think we will be a 55-60% favourite against his range.

    @glenn - As you can tell from the video I was very shocked our hero called with A3o and I would definitely still fold it even if it is slightly +ev

    @teampoland - I think stack preservation is a highly underrated concept in MTT's especially in small stakes MTT's, in general we will have big edges over our opponents no matter what our stack size so I think taking a -ev spot ever is gonna be a mistake because our survival in the tournament is so important if we are constantly going to make better decisions than our opponents.
  • ionutd


    about the 19min spot, my biggest worry is that, in my experience, I've seen weaker players make these small turn bets oop in these spots to protect their value/showdown value hands vs draws. It's common to see top pair any kicker, 2p, pair+draw and fd's with at least an overcard and second pair type hands. When we raise, we accomplish the following: we're behind a decent amount of his value range and his draws have good equity(10 outs or so). This is why I like flatting and seeing an easy to play river. He bets small, we call, he bets big, we fold, he checks we go for value and get paid off a lot. I'd def raise AJ and better since we now beat a big enough chunk of his value range and we're going for fat value.
  • ionutd


    Let's say you were the one drawing and you have an openender and he bets 3 into 10. Would you raise the fish? Sure, there are arguments for maybe getting paid off big when you hit (if deeper), but I'm pretty sure you'd call w/o a second thought 99% of the time for all other reasons. I think what I just said is very similar to the spot we're discussing, it's a pot odds call. What if you knew for a fact you're a 50% fav there (accounting for the money in the pot and all), would you still raise?
  • Agosfc


    Nice vid Sir, thanks a lot.
  • Beerculez


    I really enjoyed it, more pls !
  • pppppp555555


    cool finlay reliazed why eqilab is important and how to use it.
  • spokas444


    Nice,good video!!! Thanks a lot!
  • Pr0teus


    Nice vid, more needed.
    About the breakeven calls, def i have the same opinion, and im glad on the right track.
    Good job.
  • krendipont


    min 51: u have to add the 2800 to what is already in the pot and then divide it by 2800. The steal does have to work only 37% of the time to be BE.
    Nice video.
  • astiastiasti


    well played Sir :)
  • Ricardo10222


    a 3 bet IP with J9s at min 15:00 wouldnt be a interesting play to isolate villain and take the pre flop agression ? ty
    because i think without being the agressor we would fold for sooo many flops that villain c bet
    and i think being so deep he wouldnt 4 bet shove for instance
  • suckingriver


    Hi, I'm confused, you talk about playing the button hands 45 and 4k and then you seem to fold them in the video. What's happening? Thanks
  • suckingriver


    Oh I think I know now, someone else is playing and you're commentating on it
  • Member0815


    very nice video, I really enjoyed watching it, I also very much like, that you extend your analyses to hypothetical situations, when the players would have reacted differently, putting us in difficult spots!


    on the jj hand if he bet the flop he will lose him having sec pair q kicker and he will get the pre flop chips only
  • MtSpewmore


    Hi river, yea this is me commenting on someone elses play :) Hopefully in my next video I will use something I have played, whether it be live play or HH review or something else, suggestions welcome.

    Thankyou for the nice comments member0815.

    CRI, if villian has raised pre and called a 3bet with Q7s, he won't fold the flop if he makes a pair (not that he should) especially when there isn't an ace or a king on the board as people love to put 3bettors on Ace King, there is alot of reasons why I think betting the flop in this instance is better than checking even if it is a very small bet :)
  • joeconsiglio


    This was great. I learned a lot, thanks.
  • rogal27


    @13 about your comment on ~19min - of video.
    I think raise on turn is better if oponent bet small 1/3 pot - it gives me info that he is weak in 90% of this kind of spots ...
    If he have AJ, overpair or set he will raise much bigger for value because of 2 flushdraw & stright draw on the board.... especially on micro stakes .

    Maybe your concept with pot control on the turn is good on higher stakes but on micro stakes I think raising this spot on the turn is the best play

    But its just my thought based on my personal experiences from micro stakes tables
  • rogal27


    @13 agree with you ( ~35min )

    anyway MtSpewmore thanx for a video with interesting spots and with a very good analyzys
  • rogal27


    35 min. again fully agree with ionutd comments

    sorry for partially comments next time I will send it in one :)
  • rogal27


    about ~49min I must again agree with ionutd. ( especially if we are in the eary stage of MTT - maybe on the botton of the ITM payout structure I would call this )

    It will be an easy call if the oponent had 10BB or less ...but he had almost 20BB stack ( as ionutd wrote 40 % of our stack )
  • rogal27


    MtSpewmore regarding AK on AJ2 flop ( 51 min.) - I dont agree with that very small CB on the flop especially when he call our 4B PF - I dont want to allow him to call with worst hand and give him change to improve his hand just for 2 or 3BB

    I would CB something like 3k or 4k in 10k pot like everytime , the only situation I would play the flop this way is when I hit a set
  • serthe1


    you gamble!!!You never know, even approximately, what hand could have
  • walkergav


    Great video. Really enjoyed it and you explained your thought processes very well. Thanks. Looking forward to more from you.
  • Gawdless73


    Excellent video, started off a bit shaky for the first 2 minutes, understandable, but came out great, thanks
  • Kinghu


    One of the best videos in early mtt I've seen, would recommend watching it if your reading the commentsame and haven't.