$30 SNG: 18-Man Madness

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  • $30
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Collin reviews a Pokerstrategy.com member's hand history of a $30 18man turbo SnG. He Discusses blocking bets, postflop lines, shoving/calling ranges and optimal heads-up lines.


Equilab hand history review ICM turbo

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  • davidgod


    hi collin, in your video putting ev to use part 1 3:55
    you made a mistake you actually just need 1:4.11 odd ,not 1:4.22 that you said
    because on the turn it is 9:46, not 9:47 a minor mistake.lol
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 Madein1984: Thanks! I've played a lot of midstakes 18man but this game is from another Pokerstrategy member. I can't out SNs though (even though I think this is a very wp game), have to protect my sources :D
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Madein1984:

    3:40. Whoops! :)

    15:50. Nash range is ~ top 32% down to QTo, so definitely a very close spot.

    30:00. I'm not sure if that particular player's range is capped when he openships 12bb OTB, but that's a very good point that we can often call wider when we have that read.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Ghaleon: Agreed, against more passive players it'd be a raise/fold.
  • madein1984


    nice vid! do you play those games regularly? definitely some interesting spots. Can you tell hero's sn?
  • madein1984


    03:40 you call 4x a worse hand, though we are kinda dead against it ;)

    15:50 what range could hero openshove there unexploitably? Cause Q9o seemed a little close to me, with the antes in the pot.

    30:00 T9s I'm not sure about deadmans HU strategy, but many regs minopen premiums at 12bb HU, isn't it a correct adjustment to slightly call looser then? I'd call T9s there, assuming that his range is weaker than the range from the nash shoving chart.
  • ghaleon


    8:00 A8s: I would not raise-call every opponent. Versus passive type villain we can go and minraise-fold.
  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Collin as he reviews a $30 18man SnG!

    As always please leave questions in the comments section below and Collin will be happy to answer.