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Faarcyde takes us through a recent $200 Shorthanded SNG where he discusses picking up in game reads


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest offering from our SNG Diamond Coach Faarcyde

    Any comments/suggestions please post below
  • ghaleon


    33:00 87s: You forgot to define calling ranges for blinds, which obviously has big factor.
  • ghaleon


    35:00 AA: Shoving turn also get value more often from draws. This sort of villain can even bet-call some gutshot hands. So only advantage of calling is that he might shove river with air balls. But it would heavily look like we are probably not folding (even in his eyes).
  • elekadammate



    I like this video.

    I have a question about table selection:
    If Caber89 is a very aggressive competent reg, who has a leak: he is too aggressive.
    Do you choose to play against Caber89 or an average winner balanced, not too creative regular who will not make -EV plays (can skip +EV situations)?
    Which opponent cuts our profit more?
    Which opponent you choose if we are talking about a hyper-turbo game, where we will not have so much postflop advantage in lack of deep stage?
  • Tim64


    26:41 A9s; Kedrila has 13bb rather than 6.5bb (if im not missreading his stack_. I think he still has a r/f range here (obv not at 6.5bb) so I wouldn't mind 3b A9s.
  • Tim64


    39:45 58s Really like that you fess up to making a bad call on the flop vs ch/R. Bet/f looks nice rather than checking back.
  • Tim64


    44:50 89s on 9Kx Dislike checking here. If this guy is as wide as we think we have the best hand very often. We said earlier that he was passive (that was the reason we bet folded top pair in an earlier limped pot) and so ch/calling here doesn't seem great vs someone who isn't bluffing. And so many cards on the turn we don't want to see.
  • faarcyde


    @ghaleon I agree with him likely bet calling draws. I think both options are about the same expectation as he will be bluffing some amount of the time on the river.
  • faarcyde


    @elek: I would rather play against Caber89 as it has always been my belief that looser players are easier to exploit than tight, uncreative players, simply by the fact that they are entering more pots giving you more opportunities.
  • faarcyde


    @Tim64: Yes, although luckily I caught myself in the video ;) You would like three betting A9s, but you like to three bet everything ;-) I don't have this villain's stats in front of me but I would still contend against the average reg cut off raiser they don't have many weak hands in their range here.

    Regarding the 85s catastrophe, a little humility goes a long way in poker!

    89s: I am still a bit torn here as I do think we put ourselves in some tricky turn spots, but OOP I think I tend to agree with you that betting is best.
  • PeterSchneider


    Hi :)
    I'm well aware of my stats and think, u've read me a lil bit too loose, but doesn't matter.
    Agree on my 3-bet size(s) been to small in early game. (16 tabling prolly)
    Shoving from the BU with ~ 14/15BB shud be ok with low pockets + low Ax s etc, cos I felt like getting to much 3betshoves or defendeds by JT/QT etc hands.
    The klasnici guy is def. a fish so I've tried to exploit his BU limp with K2o.

    min 41:xx
    I think A4o 3 handed from the BU 15BBs (or BB 13BBs) shud be either a minr/fold (esp. both guys didn't seem to reshove too much) or a shove if they defended too much. Wud like too see the wizard there.

    J9s same thing with 13BBs: what about 2x/f or a shove, since the big blind also cannot call too wide.
    To be creative: Maybe even a limp (balanced with some monster if history available) a this stack depth was interesting a worth to consider.

    HU game:
    I think limping A2o 19BBs is not standard. U're giving up equity against ATC (or better said his checking range) and trying too get back value by light raise/folds or shoves. A2o doesn't play particularly well against his checking range.
    I'd prefer a minraise there, maybe a shove, since this guy seemed to be rather tight.

    98s 16BB (with 1/4BB ante):

    98s shove is obv +ev

    but I think either limping or 2x/f shud have a bit more value.

    I think the spot is predestinated for a limp against a non-agressive opponent and a minraise/fold against a passive callingstation.

    Liked to see myself in someone else's vid, hints 'n comments well appriciated. Enoyed watching ur vid

  • tomasa82