Insyder Information: 200PLO Live Session

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Insyder heads to the 200PLO tables and 4 tables live. Includes a deep table where he starts with 250 blinds.


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Comments (12)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Insyder!

    As always any feedback or suggestions you may have please leave them in the comments section below.
  • RuiBouquet


    13:50 table 3, isn't ok to call that hand on the BTN?
  • Oger88


    4min Insyder crushing
  • Flatline21


  • Infiesta


    Excellent video
  • pleno1


    @5,35 do we really think betting turn is best. What are you going for value from? I think check back and bluffcatch river seems good? We are b/f you said and I don;t think he c/calls too many worse hands ott as we are deeper. By the way I am a huge PLO fish, so just thinking from a general theory POV.

  • insyder19



    Turn is def a bet. No idea how I said it's a bet fold there, probably thought I have naked trips, but we have a boat already on the turn. Clear b/c because he will sometimes shove Kxxx with fd/straightdraw for protection vs worse draws or hoping I might b/f turn with better Kx or AA type of hands.
    You really want to be the turn here with your bluffs to get him off a draw (if he has a pp with a flushdraw he probably folds, he folds QJTx, he folds naked fd which peeled on the flop, etc. More important is protection though, if we hold AA or a weak 9x there, AKxx all those hands don't wanna give a free card there on the turn. Compared to NL there are quite a few more cards you don't wanna see there on the river.
    If villain is a fish with such a wide calling range OOP and peels a lot on the flop to bluff river, checking seems ok. Also remember my image should be fairly bad in those low stakes games and Raymand played with me quite a bit at 10/20.
  • insyder19



    clear call there, esp vs a weaker opponent, wasn't paying attention I guess :(
  • dylboi011


    nice vid, @23:00 maybe its because you are playing lower but the a322ds cant see how its profitable call 3bet think its close open to begin with even vs 'nit'?
  • insyder19


    #9 I agree there. I mean the hand is not weak enough to open fold from the SB. Vs that type of nit I like raise folding. Vs someone who 3bets a lot, limp calling is best.
  • Bierb4ron


    2013 :|
  • IbetUmuckIt


    How can I go about being able to see the hands on an iPhone? Is it just me or are the #s too small?? 🔍