Midstakes Hand History Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200 - $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Using the Hold'em Manager replayer Jake reviews a few midstakes hands. Analysing each hand in detail.


Contibet flop hand history review midstakes postflop preflop

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Jakelamotta!

    As always please leave any feedback you may have in the comments section below.
  • Assassin85


    - don't like seeing villians hand before the showdown. makes it more difficult to give him a range instead of his real hand.
    - that you hide your nick is fine, but you also hide your stack and so we can't see when you are deep, like with TT, which affects play/lines a lot!!!
    - you are speaking & thinking sometimes very slow and take a lot of time for telling/giving not much information to us. especially beginning of the video.
    - the volume of the video is very low (on my pc at least)
  • jakelamotta



    - Sloppy mistake by me, still new to this though. So sorry for that.
    - Same goes for this, I didnt notice that but as you point out it affects the lines alot.
    - Probably true although hard for me to tell, could be me not being used to making videos. This kind of video you could plan ahead better which would get rid of this problem.
    - Seems fine to me.
  • atton64


    First hand when you showed the notepad, theres a mistake in it. Q9 has only 9 combos, not 12.
    -Why did you discount 44 that much? Will you 3b/5b here and/or reraising flop with that?
    -you gave him 9 combos of k9 on the river, but only 1 combos of TT.
    Total 9x: 18
    Total TT:1

    So you kinda say that he will c/f 2/3 of the time TT on the turn but always continue with K9?Or always lead when hit TT? But why lead only with TT then? Why does he want such thing?
    I guess 9x should be discounted as well if we discount TT that much. So something like 8 combos of 9x and 1 or 2 combos of TT.

    Good video BTW! You will get used to making videos in English.
  • cyberraver


    also don´t like to see villains hand before SD.
    Think the riveroverbet with K7s is bad. with a normal betsize you have even more FE in this spot because your valuerange is much wider with a normal betsize. AA,QQ,AQ is mostlikely in your 3bettingrange vs minsteal bvb. So u are repping just AT or KJ.....so villain has a snappcall with his 2 blockers to KJ
  • tomasa82


    Woow nice