Aggressive $50NL FR Zoom NL Session

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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MBML plays an aggressive fullring session, bluffing, attacking capped ranges, playing exploitatively and trying to play optimally vs unknowns.


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Comments (28)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy an aggressive session from MBML!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions below!
  • MaxiMchik


    thx. good video!prefer 6max zoom)
  • pelbonek


    nice video, cant wait for your next poduction on 6max
  • martijn1336


    Thanks for the video! Love your play against russians
  • Johnmplife


    27:23 I can't see call.
    40.6% to call but we will better only with 26.1% of cards(straight or flash) and 39.1 for any pair.
  • Johnmplife


    Player could bluff with third pair or with pockets 22+, and after it we were worse
  • Stedyeddy


    Im min 23, Im this MSS reg : D
  • teKsenX


    very nice vid, i agree with lack of fr content. beeing fr player myself i'd like to see u zooming fr again maybe with stats next time
  • retic


    also liked it very much. 6 max zoom would be great 4 the next one. it would be nice if u could talk a bit more about ur ranges especially preflop when nothing else happening.
  • mbml


    #5: Are you talking about Table 2? 6c7c on As5cTc9s? I would assume that we have some implied odds if we hit.
  • mbml


    #9: Ok, I'll try to do that next time

    I'll make more 6max videos in the future. I don't really play FR these days, haven't done so for 2years+.
  • immot


    +1 for 6max
  • oettinger4


    @10 reverse implied odds
  • foxvanilla


    please more fullring content, there is very few for gold members :(
  • Nejc351


    +1 for 6max, but still i liked the videos, clear explanations
  • ionutd


    +1 for one more live 9m at these stakes please
  • mbml


    dont worry there's part 2 to this video.

    maybe I'll make a half FR half 6max video in the near future
  • MJQuads


    #5 Aren't pot odds more like cca 28-29% in that spot?

    9,5 / 9,5+9,5+13,85
  • Bierbube


    I don't like your loosing steals from the small blind at all. Most regs call in position or 3bet...
  • MisterSnS


    A lot of the stuff in your video seems like u played the FR table as if it was 6max. Thus, almost all of it is kind of applicable to SH games. Thanks for the video, I indeed learned a lot.
  • Farmarchist


    gg wp
  • wanmh


    what is the hotkey of "find this play " as the MBML plays
  • zumpar


    6:20.... u think valuebetting the TT vs some random 9x/smaller PP would be very thin there? i mean noone ever has an ace,
    and Jx is still pretty unlikely, cause i think Jx would vbet river themselves

    6:40 .... why such a small squeeze size? since u are oop it just screems of a bluff squeeze, isnt 8-8.50 much better?
    also it doesnt give opponents pretty any much room to 4b bluff
  • McPro


    Why without stats on this Limit?
  • elpsycho


    @ 11:00 with AJ, what would you do if you get raised? Don't you think a small bet can induce aggression?
  • elpsycho


    @ 15:40 3rd table. Why do you think he'll have a tough spot with AJ or AQ facing our 2nd barrel?
    Do you think he will be able to fold those hands on such a good board for him?
  • pskeven


    @31:36, 3rd table, JJ cold call open and be sqz by CO player, but openner(MP2) 4bet, and JJ(MP3,mbml) 5bet all in 150bb+, sqz player have 150bb+, so my question is this push action is +EV ? thank you teacher and other answer me.
  • Kony76


    Hi. Great video. I would like to see more stuff aobout zomm FR.