$20NL SH Hand Forum Hand Evaluation

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  • $20
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Bogdan looks into the forums once again and analyses hands taken from the $20NL shorthanded forums.


hand history review series Theory Video

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Bogdan!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • zumpar


    finally im first somewhere

    pretty good video, i like it, but dont really agree with determining villain's preflop range... he si opening 16% overall, so he has quite a raising range, and even fish nowadays know to open BUlight, so hands like Axo, Axs, small pocket pairs should be included as well imo
  • zumpar


    btw, i def agree with foldting the river here, i think calling is by far the worst option.... his range here, given the river sizing is imo most likely AK/AQ, maybe some 2p..

    how do you like turning it into a bluff and c/jamming river? fish are always scared when 4 to a straight is on the board, doesnt matter we have absolutely no 3 in our preflop flatting range... i think it would work decent amount of time here
  • Pokerfeisas1990


    very good analise
  • pelbonek


    I dont think a fish is able to fold hands like AK or better to a river shove
  • retic


    great vid again! everything very clear and understandable explained. also like the length very much. hope there are comming many many more of this.
    and i 100% agree with pelbonek . trying to make a fish fold TPGK+ is burning money.
  • luckyfoxcub


    why do we put diamond draws in the villain's range on the turn and not clubs?
  • KKNgroup


    I like Your videos and I am looking forward to implement such thinking in analyzing my hands!