Introducing SplitSuit - Value vs Showdown Value

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In SplitSuit's first video for he uses a theory +example approach to discuss what scenarios we believe we have the value portion of our range vs the showdown value portion of our range, and discusses how to best navigate spots with each.


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  • fitzinator18


    A warm welcome to James "Splitsuit" Sweeney in his first video for!

    James will be happy to answer questions, please leave them below!
  • aXSesPS


    Welcome splitsuit, look forward to more, you have an excellent voice for video's, very clear and easy to listen to.
  • aXSesPS


  • FaLLout86


    i like! Welcome :)
  • pleno1


    Probably the best production I've seen on, super effort mate well done.
  • gadget51


    James is the nuts in video as always. Welcome sir and it's super brilliant to have you here.
    Nice catch PS.
  • HypnoMarsu


    Welcome Splitsuit!

    Great vid! Really liked your way of thinking about what an action accomplishes vs mindlessly "protecting" your hand.
  • SplitSuit


    Thank you for the kind welcome everyone!
  • schiranele


    are u tuff_fish :?
  • SplitSuit


    tuff_fish is like twice my age!
  • Kramnand


    Great !! James is the best coach ever imo :)
  • odinteatret


    HI James, Is Andrea your italian student. I'm very Happy that you are starting your adventure in the pokerstrategy community
  • woodmo


    awesome awesome awesome :) love you'r vids! big welcome
  • sarvam


    #13: +1

    Can't see the 4 minutes.
    Anyway, you're probably the best videos producer ever.

    Well done PS.
  • SplitSuit


    Thank you Andrea (and everyone else as well) =)
  • Nejc351


    Welcome ,i loved the video and last hand, realy nice video, very nice explanations.
  • BobbyCrosby


    Good stuff. I like your style.
  • ionutd


    what took pstrategy so long? everybody knows splitsuit is the nuts :D
  • Vinny80


    Awesome video indeed, welcome!
  • LeonMar


    Great video!
  • fitzinator18


    you have perfect voice for videos :) and this is a very well made video
  • Asajj


    Very good video, loved it!
  • xxInspectorxx


    Well done video, good explanations clear english for us not native english speakers. GG NH!
  • KingKlaas


    More of this kind of vids!
  • YxieAA


    Really great video! Looking forward to the next one!
  • Phonosapien


    Welcome. Looking forward to more.
  • VorpalF2F


    You do great vids!
  • Dukuso


    Really good job, please more :)
  • Orodin


    Awesome video, well done!
    One question: in the hand in which Hero as KK on the button, what are you usually going to make of villain's range if he check/raises the flop? Personally I wouldn't discount the possibility of him having 77/99 (a bit more often if he's a fish, but I guess a tag/reg could have this type of hand sometimes as well). Looking forward to your thoughts on this :)
  • chrsbckr75


    I even watched it w/o sound and enjoying the precise "explaining bubbles"

    Very very good job.
  • buergerkneifer


    Awesome. Im gonna follow u!
  • yomatiyo


    can u make a video like this for platinium or diamond were we also take in consideration balancing, percibed ranges and stats? that will be just AWESOME!
  • yomatiyo


    GTO or explotable gameplan... anytwo will be just crazy whit so much information xD
  • SplitSuit


    @Orodin: He could have 99/77, but then he could also have TT/JJ (assuming that he wouldn't 4bet them ofc). There are 6 total combos of 99/77 and 6 of TT and 6 more of it becomes a combo game at that point.

    And thank you everyone for the kind words!
  • SplitSuit


    @yoma: I use way more of an exploitative strategy in general, so I wouldn't be of much use when it comes to GTO strategies. And I'll certainly consider some range/stats stuff going forward!
  • kmiloknte


    I really liked this video format/editing, nh split. Question: what is your thought proccess against unknowns? I got a hand which I played recently: I have AKs in CO and face a utg raise from an unknown opponent, I 3bet and he flats, board comes Qxx and he donks, at this point I gave him a range of PPs possibly a second pair to the board, not much more because I haven't seen many players do this with TP or OP. I decided to come over the top with a raise as a bluff because I also had a backdoor flush, knowing that I might had to bluff again. He donks again in turn and river blank cards with me raising nice 2/3 pot sized bets, river all in. He called with TT so I was left wondering if I should have gave up in turn or something. Thoughts?
  • SplitSuit


    I don't love running expensive bluffs without some sort of info. Since you mentioned he was an unknown I would veer away from bluff raising the flop.
  • Stavrous


    looks like a bad river shove with AK in last hand. we almost never have a flush there with A and Q on a board. And i don't think that a lot of opponents would've folded a flush there. Isn't check/call better in that spot?
  • SplitSuit


    I don't disagree. I was just showing a hand where our hand class shifts from street to street. You could certainly make an argument that our hand is actually closer to SDV on the river, sure
  • LemOn36


    great format, love the basic principle, please make more <3
  • oblioo


    Just because villain calls with worse hands doesn't mean we can bet for value. i.e. 32:40, you say "villain probably won't call with AJ with no spade so we can't bet for value." But even if we KNOW that villain DOES call with AJ with no spade, we're still behind more than 50% of his calling range so we can't value bet.
  • SplitSuit


    Correct. I didn't mean to imply you can value bet simply because you beat 1 combo of his continuance range. You have to be ahead of a large chunk of his continuance range to justify making a value bet

    The reason I asked the question "can I get a hand like AxJx to call my bet?" is because if that hand won't continue, no worse hand realistically would.
  • fmobil


    Amazing work SplitSuit! please continue :))
  • TFL999


    Nice vid
  • luizsilveira


    Great material. Good content, nice production, excellent audio quality. 5 stars.
  • SplitSuit


    Thanks @fmobil @TFL and @luiz =)
  • cozacu


    Great video! Please provide us with more, this is gold! Thank you!
  • jonnyjm


    Big fan of yours SplitSuit! You Books where very rich in information when i played FR, i now play SH. I'm hoping to see many more videos from you at Pokerstrategy!
  • SplitSuit


    Thanks @coz and @jonny =)
  • Dublindeuce


    Havent watched too many videos on the site as I seem to zone out but really liked this video.
    Actually slowing down to think. Thanks
  • SplitSuit


    @Dublindeuce: You are more than welcome =)
  • toateslafel


    Awesome video!!
    Just saw it for the 3rd time :)
  • SplitSuit


    Thank you! And 4th time is a charm =P
  • sipox


    Great video!! Really, really helpful, keep it up!
  • SplitSuit


    @sipox: Thank you =)
  • solartje


    first vid of you i see after someone told me to check your vids. A+ class! glad i didnt have to hear 'uhmm, uuhmmm, uhmm every 2 seconds'.
  • ConteCaly


    that's the your 1st video that i've watched... wonderful!!!
    ty 4 the great job and the perfect explain of the correct tp...
    I'm running to watch all yours video... ;)