Expanding Our Ranges at 50NL

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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MBML continues his 50nl fullring zoom session with some focus on expanding our ranges.


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Comments (15)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from MBML as he continues his zoom session!

    As always please leave any feedback and suggestions below!
  • teKsenX


    nice vid overall, i rly like your playstyle. one question tho you folded AJo utg+2 first in 11:29, seems not to fit into your style? just curious
  • pechkin85


    daym man, you state that guy is a fish and then you put him on kings and queens... and folding getting 3:1 is just ridiculous...
  • eslchr1s


    not 3:1 though, we have to win vs the other guy as well if we call.
  • Ganimator


    Awesome video! Very helpful for FR players like me. Hope to see more FR videos in the future.
  • lorenadz


    nice.... :) sick hand AA ...
  • Txusco11


    nice vid!
  • foxvanilla


    awesome video! please more of this nice FR content.
  • DannyMLennon


    The aces at the start.. Shouldn't you have made a bigger preflop 4 bet to avoid playing out of position against 2 players?
  • zumpar


    id def like some NL50/NL100 6max zoom vids... :)

    also about the AA hand, since he is a fish why not make it like $8.50-9 even?
  • Tumlex


    nice video thx!
    I love the zoom format (also FR format ;) )
  • Clinicaldead


    Would be nice to see some videos of you playing Nl50 FR regular table.
  • luizsilveira


    I also think 4betting AA very small vs. two fish to play multiway out of position when we're deep is quite a mistake.
  • demutter


    Man please turn off the ingame Sound or play faster. this is really annoying when the "alarm" goes on three times in a row..
  • marcosmartinez


    Nice vid! Agree with #13, i think he is not folding to 9-11$.

    Postflop i dont like your turn size, i would probably bet 2/3 and gii the rest of my stack otr. He has AQ but also AQ, fds of hearts, bdfd, JT, KJ, KT

    As played probably betting again river haha