Bogdan reviews Ravanmusa: Looking for Spots to be Aggressive

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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Bogdan reviews a member's live recorded session and discusses his thoughts on this 25NL session. In particular he looks for spots to play aggressively.


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Comments (16)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Bogdan!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • DonkeyDirk


    Feedback (trololol :) )
  • DonkeyDirk


    Now for real, another good video from Bogdan :)
  • brollworm1


    bogdan is the best!
  • DrDunne


    good video as always! interesting discussion about the AK hand at the beginning.
  • JCSeerup


    Good video, but tbh I think it would have been more useful to show how to construct a non-linear 3b range against someone who folds 91% to 3b instead of going so much in depth with why flatting the AK is better than 3b.

    And in general I think you are going a bit too much in depth with a lot of hands, you don't need to spoon feed us :) And in the future I think 4 tables is enough when making videos.
  • razvanmusa


    Many many thanks for the review,Bogdan.
    All the observations are well-received !
  • ZDmiS


    My idea is that Bogdan is making it perfect by going in the very depth of the thought process which is supposed to be taking place in mind of every winning player. Watching deliberations like this makes one getting closer to being able to these on his own, wich in its turn will invariably reflect on his success as a poker player. Especially this concerns players who aren't as experienced and sophisticated as, for instance, JCSeerup must be keeping in mind he suggests Bogdan cuts out all the details.
  • JCSeerup


    I dont suggest he should be cutting out all detail, I just think spending about 5 min on the first hand is a waste of time. After looking at the stats it's pretty clear too me that calling is the best move here so I would rather have someone like Bogdan explain how we could exploit a player like that and then do the math myself. Im pretty sure that would be way more valuable to the member who mad the video aswell as everybody else.

    I wont say I'm that usophisticated, I just suggest what I think would be the most valuable way Bogdan can make the videos. And I would like him to cover more hands to find more leaks that players can work on themself or ask about in the forum. I just think that people should be able to think on their own. His job is just to push us in the right direction!
  • retic


    i like it very much when he goes into detail and shares all his thoughts on spots. it helps to understand scenarios better. looking forward to the next part.
  • Tracs


    I am also in favor of Bogdan going into details especially in these silver level videos.
    I think it is less important to see many hands and more important to understand the logic behind Bogdan's advice.
    I would also like to ask Bogdan to explain in a future video or to direct me to a previous one where he explains why we should play more aggresively/open than 15/12.
  • Dawidas888


    Very very good video!
    +1 to #8 and #11 although I understand the point of #9. Just my personal preference ;)
  • Rello


    Great video, learned alot
  • aafrancis


    what a great VIDEO!!!!

    it's my first that i see from you and i love it !!!
  • fortunewheel


    first hand in the video. AKo BB vs btn. I agree that calling seems the way to go to get value.

    Facing a 4 bet would probably mean at best a QQ+ stack off range but since he folds so much his 4 bet range is supertight so i would never worry about being exploited by 3 bet folding AK preflop vs this guy.

    If he folds 91% to 3 bets and maybe let's say only 4 bet QQ+( 1.5%) then we still have 6%5% of the time that he does call us preflop. A range that we have crushed ( 60% equity) if you give villain a realistic nitty defending range of JJ-TT,AJs+,KJs+,QJs,JTs,T9s,98s,AQo+,KQo.

    I think it's really close between calling and 3 betting since we can let our opponent get into a bloated pot with a dominated range ( all Ax and Kx he is defending ) and have good equity against all his other hands ( flipping or slightly ahead).

    Basically we allow our opponent to play a big pot with worse hands and massive RIO problems.
  • Jumbleboy


    very great video! thx a lot!
    my question:

    26:34 why not call for the set value there with JJ? opp will not countinue with AK on non hit board but will with QQ+ , so on Jxx board we can take much value because he can't fold overpair there.