$100 SNG: Focusing on Statistics

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Faarcyde brings us 2 tables of $60 to $100 Sit 'N Goes focusing on adapting to opponent's statistics


ICM Live Video PokerStars thematic video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please Enjoy the latest video from our SNG flagship coach Faarcyde

    Please leave any comments or suggestions below
  • RovarTry


    It's always a pleasure watching you play. I guess adding anything more stats would be just to much. I use them in same way, except that i include steals in main HUD and keep rest in pop up.

    I'm surprised you don't use aggression factor, which can be quite helpful. Maybe u do that by looking at their image and style of play.

    I hear a lot of guys talking about session reviews and analyzing opponents, exploiting regs... but never actually saw that in action. It would be kind of cool to record your self for an hour or what ever time you need to show how it's done and what to look for and by that how to use it in future play. You can pick what ever opponent you like, just cover his name.

    Again tnx for the vid and i hope to see more of them!
  • ghaleon


    10:00 AQ: So your plan was to bluff catch blank river if he had bet it?

    11:30 K9o: 210 would be unnecessarily big 3bet. Imo something like 2.5x is fine there especially when villain is somewhat short stacked.

    45:55 Q7s: Calling 3x open with 14bb? Doesnt seem good to me. What sort of calling range you have here?
  • ghaleon


    Stat wise I think it depends lot on how many table one is playing. I have like 9 stats on my hud currently. When multitabling decent amount there is obviously less time per hand so it quickly gets bit problematic to check pop ups.
  • julito23


    Great stuff, keep up the good work.

    I have a few questions.

    1. 16:30 horvyjoe 2.5x. In general I also like to 2.5x here, considering there is a fish in position, so if we have a decent hand we extract maximum value against him. The more fish I have on my table the bigger I tend to make my bet size since I will get paid off. Do you still minraise regardless of fish/regs proportion?

    2. 36:40 A3o. The nash range for the BU is:
    15.2%, 44+ A8s+ A5s-A3s ATo+ K9s+ KJo+ QTs+ JTs
    SB 5.9%, 88+ AJs+ AQo+

    BB 7.2%, 77+ AJs+ AJo+

    I think very often both blinds have wider calling ranges, down to 66,A9o, KQo.

    What would be your default range on this spot and how would you adapt it to the situation of looser callers?

    3.39:20 you say Proudflop range is 75% which I assume is not what you meant?

    4. 40:00 you min raise AK. What is the point of doing this in this spot? I assume you want to get call, so doesnt look weaker to just shove?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Tim64


    23.10 horvyjoe vs fish. Don't like hj's play here. I would 3b a little more preflop vs the fish since (unlike regs) the fish will call pre and not just 4b/f. On the flop, hj makes a small inducing cbet with QQ on AA8. The fish obliges by minR. Well, shipping over this is pretty illogical. Call flop, ch/c turn seems the only way to play. That said, I don't love this. Pretty clear that the minR from fish = nuts (it's always the nuts but we never believe they can have it YET AGAIN). So I think hj can/should actually b/f here. With pfr of 6, the fish doesn't have a wide range here. And my guess is he just calls the small cb with non Ax (i.e. pps) that he wants to continue with.
  • Tim64


    41:50 QT is there any better feeling in poker than snapping off a stop n go with Q high and finding villain is reverse dominated? :)
  • Tim64


    Really excellent content here. Thanks as always!
  • faarcyde


    @RovarTry: Thanks for all the feedback, will keep all of it in mind.
  • faarcyde


    @Ghaleon: Yes, bluff catch blank rivers. Q7s, yes loose but actually don't think it is bad against poor players (which I had GIJ pegged) with antes. I don't call a lot of 3x pres, but when I do...similar hands such as 97s, Q8o, etc.
  • faarcyde


    @julito23: The only time I do anything but minraise is first level in the first couple of positions.

    With the recreational player in the blinds, I would shove a hair tighter than Nash. Likely optimal to take out some of the Ax since that consists of most of their expanded calling range.

    As far as PF 75 percent, maybe a bit of an overestimate. Even though Nash is 35-40 percent, I think most players wig out with less than five blinds and shove significantly more than that.
  • faarcyde


    @Tim64: Heh, QTo is the nizzles. I disagree with your horvyjoe QQ assessment. If fish has 99 or 87o there are bad cards that can kill his action and how often is he ever really bluffing? All the money is going in anyway, might as well make sure all of it goes in when he has one of those hands I mentioned.