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  • Olorion


    nice vid, but what was that platform lol. Blinds were increasing way too fast :o
  • bart87


    titan turbo Olo ;) it means titan very very fast blinds ;)
  • rex99


    party poker has also turbo sng.
  • Taiwan185


    like the viedo
    but slow to explain the concept in the software will help me know how to move in/out the game
    But i have no software to support my decisions, it is another questions to face my next online games
  • robintea


    it' a good video but i think that it was better if you give more hands in a shorter time because now tere were so much differnt situatieon.

    P.S sorry for my worse engliss
  • pokerfreeman


    Thanks for the video, learned quite a bit!
  • slnpiranha


    like it
  • trophyhunter


    great video
  • DerShadow


    Errr... at 30 minutes... Of course villain in the BB calls 100% because you ve got 1030 left and the big blind is 1000 ... even the dumbest fish will make the call
  • dicekeyrollz


    So it's an easy push but not so easy call with KQ (17:00)?
  • pokerthomba


    which program does he use?
  • kurrkabin


    KT CU 20th minute is a clear push,I don't know why u were thinking about it twice.U have a great position,KTo way is above an average hand in that situation,u know the BB is calling with any 2(which u do fine against w KTo).Although being a second chip leader u have 7 and a half BB yourself,so u have to make a move.The BU is not desperate and you know both BU and SB are folding more than 50% of the time.Thats a plus EV push,you mentioned yourself that they dont adapt their calling ranges due to the fact that we'r in a push or fold mode.
  • Noissia


    ur voice makes me think of Ali G

    good vid tho!