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Schnitzelfisch reviews one of the popular Bootcamp topics: Focus


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy this video from Schnitzelfisch covering the idea of focus in Holdem

    Any questions or comments for Schnitzelfisch please leave them here
  • McPro


    Yeah, Paleo all the way.
  • Chuckey


    sehr gut, very good!

    I think the approach to use slides with some pictures helped me a good amount to remember your advices better. Better than if you would have drawn/written a mindmap while talking.

    I also liked, that one chapter was longer, if there was more advice to give, while others were very short, when they were important but there was not so much to add (workspace for example).

    Thanks for the recommendation of books. I will try Eat That Frog! first.

    What I find interesting is, that all of this was not new to me. And still I find motivation in what you say. Thanks for this giveaway of energy.

    have a good time
  • rinnrinn


    Thanks alot for the video
  • wrapnzap


    lots of very useful tips that can be applied across the board. just what i need, thanks.
  • Wolfske


    Very nice video .. I almost liked everything, the slides were nice and you were very clear.

    Maybe a little pointer (but not that it's really important) is to make a difference between cash gamers and MTT/SNG players sometimes (especially when talking about breaks)

    But like I said .. in this whole video that was just a detail but maybe in the future it may help on some topics (and because I know you want to improve I wanted to even show the smallest pointer I could find :P )
  • ErikStenqvist


    Awesome video! Thanks a lot! :)
  • EricCurtman


    I like the way you bring in new concepts.
    In Example when you talking about "breaks" or "annoying things" i get very fast the idea,there´s no masterplan-concept, so i really must take the actionstep and try things out. Other example for this is the links and books.
    And the other hand:
    I didn´t watch all of your videos.So maybe you already talk about notes and rewrite.
    Everything what´s new for me,i wrote down on big Din-A3 Papersheets.But mostly i don´t work with this and they get lost in cupboards or s.w.
    So maybe u can talk about how avoid this. ps. sry for english-skill.Is there anything unclear,please ask.
  • creathive


    Nice video! I hope you continue producing this.
  • Schnitzelfisch


    @ #8: you can go through your notes after the session and make an actionable plan on how you're going to apply what you've learned. you can then store the notes in a reference system like the one from "Getting Things Done" :).

  • fakeplayer


    good video.

    I am losing my focus often because getting bored when not enough tables opened and also sleep - this is probably the first thing I should work on.
  • stameninho


    Helpfull video , thanks alot . Keep on improving and we'll keep on the action : )
  • Torcato


    Schnitzelfisch, thanks again for another great video!
    I liked both presentations (learning to learn and this one) so, use the one you prefer :)
  • SchillerMusic


    Great Video! I liked the Power Points a lot. It is very easy to follow and remind all the concepts with this approach.
  • BibiAhigh


  • Rsiatat


    great video sir , love it , very helpfull
  • Rsiatat


    but I belive u should also be specific for MTT players , guys like me who play 6-12 hours straight with 5 mins break every hour