Gold Academy: Uri Peleg Live at NL50

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In the latest Gold Academy video Uri Peleg takes us through a live 50NL session with a focus on gaining reads on our opponents


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  • pleno1


    Enjoy this NL50 video by diamond vieo producer and mid stakes crusher, Uri Peleg aka sirrybob.

    Leave feedback for him here.
  • jazzy29


  • GrimTheCat


    nice hud :)
  • jimmyhans


    thanks for the video, enjoyed watching! and yes please tell us more about the preflop sizings (13:35) :)
  • metza


    It'd be nice to hear you sound more confident, there are times where you sound really unsure, and I think it's good for coach, even if they are unsure, to act like they are to inspire the students. I mean if you're a midstakes crusher obviously you know what you're doing but sometimes in this vid the tone of voice doesn't sound like it. Eg. at 8:50 its not so confidence-inspiring to see the coach say "I'm not sure this is a good call", andthen still make it. I dunno that's just my 2 cents.

    Aside from that there were some very useful points in this vid. I really liked the bit about the planned out bluff line vs fish with the 30% on flop, 80% on turn 3barrel bluff. And the note taking info is good.
  • Jefree


    I like your video.

    I got the feeling that the most
    videos here, show sessions
    where the coach wins and don't have to make "painful" laydowns or really marginal desicion.

    And actually the tricky spots are what I'm waiting for in a video, to see how you find the best

    So I really appreciate,
    that you show a realstic session
    although it's a little bit short ;)
  • jimmyhans


    #6 I like if the coach just tells straight away what he thinks. I mean, no one in the world knows all the correct answers 100% of the time, especially not under time pressure. Poker is complex sometimes, and if he doesn't rationally know the answer for sure himself, he should be allowed to tell it was just a gut feeling.
    Like in college, I always preferred the kind of professors who answered questions with "I will analyse it and come back to you in a couple of days" if they were unsure themselves, instead of trying to sound confident and telling something which turned out to be completely wrong later.
  • instaflip


    uri on 50 hehe
  • tibat1


  • Nuk3F4rt


  • dsusinov


    nice nice, I really like to hear more about the preflop and postfolp sizing (min bets included), and also some other interesting lines you take vs fish
  • fitzinator18


    not too far into it right now but I really enjoy how you construct your notes. so often I have notes where I just write down lines they took, then a week later I'm in a tough hand against them, look at my notes and just see 3 lines they took and have no way to convert them into data i can use in the 45 second timebank. So I think this was rly good!
  • cerberum


    Man, at 13:00 you're getting banned if you don't type in the word in the chat LoL
  • sirrybob


    #14: Thanks, I emailed stars about it.
    #12,#5: Cool, I will try to talk about it in future vids, although at the moment I am doing only live play vids so I probably won't have time to go into detail but hopefully it comes up.
    #9: Do we play together? :-)
    #6: I understand what you mean, but the truth is I am often unsure what to do in spots. I think the most important thing is to have a coherent thought process even when you're not sure and I tried to give you guys insight into what my thought process is like (what things I consider). In the end when I'm not sure it just means I think it's close, so could go either way.

    And thanks everyone for the kind words! :-) I really appreciate it.
  • LemOn36


    like the notes, changing my template :O

    NL50 5/13



  • DonkeyDirk


    Nice vid, some very tough spots that do not occur often enough in other vids :)
  • LemOn36


    also it was very short, I hope you'll be back for goldstar again
  • retic


    great vid
    and i also really hope to see more from u on nl50
  • SPeedFANat1c


    I also like not pretending like you know everyting, but if not know something then its better to tell you dont than to lie.
  • Yozan


    hello uri, nice video, can you explain why do you minraise preflop from every position? thank you
  • DaPhunk


    around 20:45 you play a hand SB vs BB where instead of a 'normal' double barrel you minibet/fold J4clubs on the K49 flop 3 2nd heart turn.
    I'm very worried by taking this sort of line and vs a lot of players it does feel like giving a red rag to a bull, are you not concerned about showing your weakness and getting raised too off your hand too often?
  • sirrybob


    Thanks guys :-)
    Sorry it is taking me long to reply I am just on vacation so have less computer access now.
    Yozan - I explain a bit more in my next video
    DaPhunk - I think most recreational players are not "bulls" and play pretty straightforwardly vs these types of bets, which is why I make them. It is important to pay attention though because there are definitely some who react like you said, which is why I take detailed notes - and in this why I am often very quickly able to ascertain which type of player I am playing against. In general though I would say >75% of fish will react straightforwardly and just play their hands (you get quite a lot of folds) vs a bet like this.
  • IMGameOver


    Thx Uri!
  • Benji009


    Nice vid Uri. Just wondering @ around 12:00 on top right table why you fold the KQ. And @ 14:30 you call with KJ. Maybe because his pfr is smaller? I pretty much always calls IP with KQ :)