200NL Session Review with Slam5

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Our Diamond Coach Slam5 takes us through a recent session he played at 200NL on Pokerstars


Live Video PokerStars Session Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    PLease enjoy our latest video from our Diamond Coach Slam5

    Any questions/comments please leave below
  • Becks777



    min 5: You 3bet AJs in BB vs. SB, how do you continue when SB 4bets? Whats the worst hand you are 3betting for value? AJo KQo?

    min 10: 66 Hand where you call the minraise on the Turn after Flop goes check check. What Rivers are you calling or folding other than a 6. You say he could have bd fds. They all missed and he could be bluffing the King on the River since it is percieved as a scarecard. But since he is a weaker player he wont be vbetting thinly enough.

    min 13: You 3bet 95o in BU vs. CO, standard? Or just a random 3bet?

    min 29: You turn 55 into a bluff and c/r on Q9xdd and barrel 6ddd Turn. What if he calls and River blanks? Are u shoving or folding, and why would you be shoving or folding?

    Cheers Becks.
  • Slam5


    Hey Becks,

    1) I don't recall his 4b % right now, but considering my loose image, i tend to mix it up by flatting and folding the 4bet.
    2) Depending on sizing & timing, i'm more tempted to call a river that is ten or lower, as he is perceived to have AJ+, KQ & broadways like this, after checking the flop back.
    Also as he only min3bet me pre, i had forgotten it (since the potsize was almost as big as in a regular single-raised pot), thus i was talking about cbetting the flop, whereas i was not the agressor pre. I think that many rec players tend to check their Ahi type of hands back by the river, so im not too worried about getting bluffed out of the pot too often.
    3) Yes, sometimes i do 3bet trash-hands like this, when i have not been overly agro recently (meaning that dynamics of the tables is right) and when the reg is not a tough opponent.
    4) I'm usually shoving blank rivers there, vs this particular opponent as i expect the fold equity to be high enough. Though im x-folding 4th diamond rivers mostly, bc he can have stuff like KdQx, AdQx, AA with turned FD etc - also i would be repping less as im not perceived to ship Jhi flush or lower there (hands like T9dd, 98dd etc which turned the flush).

  • MrTiger


    Thanks for the video. Nice regular session. And a few comments on every hand is also a good thing.