Gold Academy: Live 50-100NL Full Ring with mbml

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50 - $100
  • Fullring
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In another video from our Gold Academy mbml takes on the 50-100NL Full Ring Games on Pokerstars


Full Ring Gold Academy PokerStars Session Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest Gold Academy video from mbml

    Please leave any feedback/comments for Galvin below
  • seranpoker


    You should make these 8 mins instead of just 4 for non gold members. :|
  • acetbfish


    Great video mbml (the quality of the image was bad though)!

    At 7:00, top left table, doesn't this flop hit really good SB's calling range?
  • circoflax


    Quality sucks, I think I need to go to the eye doctor right away.

    The AQs hand, once he checks flop, calls turn, bet river, don't you think he has more missed FD?

    I think he has close to none 1 pair hands. Jx or better would bet flop. TT and 88 would not bet river. Better made hands raise turn. And I doubt he bets AKs as a bluff on the river given the SD value. So I'd just call river.
  • Muttermal


    about 29:00: Platinum Star requires quite a solid monthly volume of play, so Gold Star is rather standard for a regular on NL 50 I think :)
  • mbml


    #3: I agree with you, check/folding Flop is probably slightly better. I think you can c/f AT without a spade actually, maybe it's a slight mistake to cbet here. QT would be great for betting though, cos you have the chance of dominating a lower straight on a 9 (vs stuff like T8s/JTs)
  • mbml


    #5: I think it's possible to get SN at NL50, but you are probably right. Players who play on multiple sites or have a day job/school could be gold-star. I guess at NL100 that would be completely different though.
  • mbml


    #4: please put a time-stamp like the others or just put down the timing and table number. I'm not sure what hand you are talking about.

    and sorry for the video quality, camtasia got re-installed and I'm not sure why the quality fell by a lot
  • wealthybrainer


    At 10:00 in KQ hand would it be a good spot for 5bet bluff? No better chance to 5 bet bluff I think
  • kingreigns


    at 46:58 would you ever fire the river on table 2 with AQs?