Gold Academy: Live 100NL with Uri Peleg

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Uri takes us through a live session he recently played at 100NL. A real treat for the Gold Academy


bluff Gold Academy Live Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy our latest Gold Academy video from Uri Peleg

    Any Questions or Comments please leave below for Uri
  • workah0lic


    Explains how bad players tell the truth when u ask them their hand.

    Tells the truth when asked.

  • gadget51


    You have so much really great info to impart, may I suggest dropping two tables for the next time?
  • Muttermal


    #2 so true :D
  • zobbione


    very nice video sirrybob but your hm font gave me cancer XD
  • jules97


    Nice video. Thanks :)

    It would be interesting to see a video of you going through your equation and spreasheet for some random limit (maybe nl00 or something) and talking about what ranges and betsizes are good for that limit by walking through the formula.

    Sounds interesting and I don't think there is anything like that available here now?
  • AD2013


    love the ringtone at 12.31 :D
  • Majcha


    Nice fold 27:04 ;)
  • circoflax


    U have an XLS file called RapeParty? That's pretty cool :D

    Loved the AA fold UTG too :)

    Srsly, love the thought process, could be a lot nicer if you were able to take all the ideas to a conclusion before the next KK is dealt. Maybe a short article/video about the bluffcatching? I'm sure you have a lot more to say about it than you were able to put through in this video.
  • DonkeyDirk


    Epic ringtone :)
  • foppaGGRNMD


    Just curious but whats the excel file "Rape Party" on the desktop about?
  • Lucker9200


    really great vid, liked the explanations/thought process a lot

    would love to see an actual example of the use of the formula with some hand(s)

    also more about the bluff catching
  • PokerPPP


    very nice vid
  • DerEismann


    Great, rly great!
  • luizsilveira


    Very good material. And funny too :)

    I'd just suggest if you want to treat some theory bit during the video, at least have it handy on the side so you don't need to think about it too much or type it during play. Otherwise, 100%!
  • isssean


    Have a question, should not ask, but i`ll give it a shot. Can you share you popup configuration with the pokerstrategy community? I`ve seen one or two in the video and it looks great, i bet all of them do.
  • kriko92


    @8, wasn't a fold :)

    Great video, please make some more for gold members! A theory video would be awesome too.
  • ZhiCheng


    rape party :DDD
  • daidaishou1


    u never play mtg any more?