Gold Academy: 50-100NL Session Analysis with mbml

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50 - $100
  • Fullring
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mbml continues his review of his 50-100NL session playing both Full Ring and Shorthanded and apadpting to his opponents


Gold Academy PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (11)

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video from mbml

    Any questions or comments for Galvin please leave them below
  • Muttermal


    video quality is really bad compared to other videos :/
  • metza


    *adapting :P
  • yougotfelted51


    Hey Galvin, great video!

    I have a couple questions.

    QdQc hand at ~13 min.

    what is your line with QQ no diamond?
    xf flop? if not, then what would turn play look like? still x/c?

    99 hand in sb at ~19min

    plan is to 4bet jam(back raise) or 4bet call off?
  • yougotfelted51


    Hey Galvin, great video!

    couple questions about some hands

    QdQc hand ~13 min

    with QQ no diamond, i am assuming flop would be x/f? if not, what would be the plan for turn?


    99 hand ~18 min

    you say plan is to backraise shove. would that be your standard with all of your call/backraise hands here? would you make same play after flatting KK+ in hopes of bb squeezing or would you most likely just 3bet vs weaker player?
  • Paisting


    what a shitty camtasia compressing :(
  • mbml


    sorry about video. i re-installed camtasia recently. I think the first video was a little hard to see and then when i had to reproduce the 2nd video it got worse.

    maybe i'll do more live in future, or maybe find a fix for the camtasia
  • mbml


    #4: QQ without a diamond would be tough. Vs someone who is more selective with cbetting (70% or less F cbet), I would just c/f here as I think it's too weak to call.

    Vs some1 who cbets 90%+ here on this texture then QQ would definitely be a call. I see no reason to c/r the Turn cos you would just be overplaying your hand.

    99: I would just backraise allin. No point making a small 4b unless you slowplay monsters sometimes and also 4b small as a bluff sometimes
  • Farmarchist


    Good vid mbml! Any point in x/calling the last AK table 3? Or isn't that an option since you think his range isn't that wide after opening 5x?
  • luizsilveira


    Making a video of a video is not always easy. Thanks for the effort, it's good content and that's what matters most imo.
  • fullofbenjamins


    hi mbml,

    I've just started playing FR and I like your videos a lot.

    I have two questions also.
    at 24:30 AJo,

    what do you think, if villain holds 2x or 6x should he turn it into a bluff on the turn since as you mentioned you barreling a lot on this structure.

    27:55 A9s,

    If I understand well he should 3bet bluff with speculative hands, with he can call a 4bet profitable. When stacks are deep isn't it a better idea to flat with them? Because if not, then what will he have in his flatting range? pp-s and suited broadways. Both are easy to barrel out on most textures. (and btw I suppose he shouldn't have a 5bet range there IP.)

    Thanks a lot, cheers !