$60 Shorthanded SNG Live Session with Faarcyde

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  • SNG
  • $55 - $75
  • Shorthanded
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OUr SNG Diamond producer faarcyde goes through some changes he's recently made while playing a live $60 SNG Session on Pokerstars


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  • julito23


    Great stuff, looking forward to part2.

    One question: Min 28:30, a9o hand.

    I totally agree with your read, there is a profile of fishy players that tend to raise to 3x in the late game with very strong hands. In most cases is something like AK,TT,QQ etc. For example on this hand, you went along with your read and folded a9o, but how far would you go with it? In other words, what would you shove here assuming the same read? I think I would have a very hard time folding a hand like 88 here or even ATo. However assuming the same read, I think those hands should still be a fold.

    Hope you have some good insight, I have encountered this situation very frequently lately.

    Thanks a lot.
  • faarcyde


    @Julito23: Hard not to be results oriented after seeing his hand but I think I would ship hands like 77-99 and fold everything but AQ+ because I think he can make that kind of raise with lower pairs and call it off but I don't really think he is doing that with A8o or something.
  • KM888


    why $60 sng for diamond?
  • Tim64


    20:18 discussion of -ve edge of -1% using ICMizer. You mention this is worth $1 for a $100 tourney. Is the number expressed as a percentage of the buyin or the prizepool? If prizepool, it would be closer to $6.
  • Tim64


    29:55 I like the fold as played with A9o. Gunmut is very short and we have a slight chip edge on the only good player at the table (minarguuri). 3x op raise is not folding so we have to go to showdown. Given we assume rmullen is generally weak and we have position on him I think we can let this go as a marginal spot that we're not incentivised to take.
  • PetChoveka


    pretty nice video :) Keep up the good stuff boss
  • faarcyde


    @KM888: I typically do $100s and $200s but I switch it up sometimes. The reg pool is almost identical no matter the buy in level.
  • faarcyde


    @Tim64: Yeah I misspoke.
  • faarcyde


    @PetChoveka: Thanks friend, hope things are going well for you.
  • Qicmizer


    I am wondering why this video had ICMIZER in title in PokerStrategy video plan list, but in this video title it is gone.

    Also its not even present in video tags, which is even more strange.

    I feel that it is pretty unfair and would appreciate if it was mentioned in vid description and tags. Thanks.
  • Anto11



    08:45 Why you didn't lead? Why you prefer check/calling ?
    16:46 why you only min raised from the SB ? Is that your standard raise or you are raising bigger from SB in general ?

    Best regards,