Exploring $60 SNGs on PokerStars

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Faarcyde continues his review of two tables of $60 SNGs on Pokerstars


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video from our Diamond Coach Faarcyde

    If you have any further questions or comments please leave them below
  • gmc18


    sixties for diamonds, lol
  • faarcyde


    As I explained in the first part, players at the 60s are the same player pool as $100s and $200s so the game play should be identical.
  • Tim64


    15:00 K6o vs SB. I think I would prefer to just 3b this pre. It has pretty poor playability. As played, I like the flop raise. Once called, I might take a free turn since this card improves his range somewhat (and he obviously doesn't give you credit for top pair+ on the flop). OTR, the Ace isn't the best card as it really makes it hard for us to have Ax and then our potbetting range becomes polarised to flushes and str8s (and we may not jam the str8 all the time on the paired flushed board.)

    I'm not sure about villain's line. If he's cbet/folding second pair vs a creative player (bvb) just b/c the board is scary, he's going to get owned often so I think he has to call at least flop. He can ch/f turn, ofc, but not if he expects you to fire twice most of the time.
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi faarcyde. Really good video. I particularly like the play around 30-40BB HU vs Alaverda - some very instructive moments there. Only small point I could see is the 4-4 @ 40:58. I don't think raise/calling is ever good with low pairs around 20BB since you only induce hands that you're flipping against and when they flat a hand they would fold to a shove you've given away equity (also they will never make a mistake postflop). Very solid video - nice work!
  • ByronJacobs


    Small linguistic point (this applies in general to videos and not to this one in particular):

    A lot of producers use the term spazz (abbreviation of spastic - a term which refers to the condition cerebral palsy). I know that in the US this is a slang term which is more or less completely harmless but in the UK it is highly offensive and is never used (I'd say it was about as off limits as - for example - "nigger"). This is explained quite well here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spastic. Since videos are made for a global audience it would probably be better to avoid this term.
  • faarcyde


    @Tim64: I agree I prefer 3 betting. It is something I have been wanting to implement into my game more, but then I think "well I will just play my position" which is fine of course but it does force you to be a bit more creative against villains who don't like to fold.
  • faarcyde


    @ByronJacobs: I go back and forth..it was en vogue for a while to always jam those but I feel like people are adapting to it well because your range is so obvious. At 15 blinds I still prefer raise/calling 44/55 against more aggro players because a lot them are shoving Qx/Kx/Ax and even sometimes hands like 45. It also balances my range more so I have more value hands I am R/C with which decreases the number of hands they should reshove with (in theory, anyhow). Almost always I will shove 22/33 with 15-20 blinds and occasionally throw in a A5o or JTs as well so villains can't just put me on a low pair and call with any overcards as a counter strategy.
  • faarcyde


    And regarding the term "spaz" thanks for the heads up. I didn't realize the weight the word carried over there. In North America it is a relatively mild term.
  • kurrkabin


    Glad to see you coming with new materials :)

    I've good a few questions regarding the video:

    15:00-K6o-I've had problems in spot like this, can you please share your concept of how do you decide what hands to flat with, down to what stack sizes and depending on which factors? A bit of a side question- we are down to 13 eff. villain is a good reg min raising the SB and we hold 87s-we are not sure about his range, but we expect a somewhat polarized range, do u flat? What if he was staying in the BTN-same assumption of his range?

    25:16-Why do you say our hand is quite strong? :P We have Qx5c with a very weak FD, what's our plan once villain calls us? I see you double barrel low Turns, so that means basically we are tripple barreling most rivers, I guess. What's our plan if the FD completes on either T or River? How would u play in this spot btw, if we had 8x with no clubs?

    36:12-why don't we lead here also? What's your plan once villain limp/bets this board?

    36:30-I am not sure I like the T call tbh, every decent villain is gonna continue barreling so many rivers -like hearts,6,9,T,J,Q. I don't think we can stand calling 2 big bet with our Kx there, can we?

    Cheers! :P