NL $5 FR Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $5
  • Fullring
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  • zivkoleo


    The video is awesome. This video has been very educational for me. Thank you hasenbraten.
  • miskokvo


    poker is easy with hasenbraten :) very nice vid
  • fun101rockets


    i also like limping pocket pairs from EP at these micros
    the A2 steal is okay b/c u will have position postflop and a continuation bet (assuming u get 1 caller) will usually win the pot
    10% VPIP is not that a little low
    is it ok to cbet 1/2 the pot instead of 2/3 of the pot
    On the AKo hand when u hit the ace on the turn would call a river push by your opponent
    do u only play 4 tables? When i play 4 tables i am tempted to get more aggressive.
  • Taiwan185


    learn the time to raise and fold help beginner to make the decisions.
    Position and know your opponents help you make the right decision.
    Many situations in poker games will happen due to lots people join the game not knew the strategy will lose.
  • Mudrinjo


    On 3:59 you can hear hasenbratens stomake! I think he wasnt agreed about AK play :)
  • TheBrood


    I didnt think I would watch this all since its over 40 mins long, but it went by pretty fast.
    Thanks a lot, I learned among other things about cbets and folding TPTK oop =)
    I didnt hear your stomach btw...
  • gijoeishere


    I think this is a help to my play on cashgames. Very interesting was the laydown of AKs with top pair and the insight straight flush draw with JKs in the end. And to see the results with the Equilator. Nice review (Y).
  • rickydaprince


    Excellent video hasenbraten... nice analysis, thanks! look forward to your future videos for NL10 and NL5!
  • c4lyps0


    A great video, thank you for your work, hasenbraten.
  • dixxiehaze


    brilliant video,seeing the bss put into action really helps drill the strategy into your game
  • Fieldhome


    wow this is really gonna help, love the analysis :P
  • StopFich


  • HotFlushez


    Thanks again, your videos are brilliant and have really helped me make better decisions post flop. I have started to make notes on other players which before I never knew what to write. Please Please make videos.


    very good explanations ty