Pokertracker 4: Importing Hands and Playing Poker

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In the first of a number of videos designed to help you become familiar with Pokertracker 4 we look at Importing Hands from the various poker sites


Pokertracker 4 PT4 series thematic video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Welcome to a series of videos designed to help you use Pokertracker 4

    If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and enjoy using Pokertracker 4

    You can view our article on and links to Pokertracker 4 here:
  • mrakoplas


    It would be nice to do some more advanced stuff. For example, in the outstanding video of W34z3l

    there is a very nice analysis of his database using HEM2. Showing similar stuff in PT would be very appreciated.

    When creating reports, it seems to me that PT4 interface is more complicated and somewhat counterintuitive than that in HEM. I would be very happy if you prove me wrong. :-)
  • SvenBe


    Hi mrakoplas, we will from now on release such videos for the next couple of weeks - one topic will be reports with several short videos. They will start from basics, but I am pretty sure there are points that can be taken by advanced users as well.
    Of course we also think about dedicated videos by our coaches, too.
  • boghysen


    good video please continue PT4 series
  • guitarrist4


    Is a great software !!!