Skodljivec's School of PLO: River Play & 3-4 bet pots

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Skodljivec brings us the final theory video of his School of PLO concentrating on River Play and 3-4 Bet pots Preflop


3bet 4bet river series Skodljivec's School of PLO thematic video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the final theory video in Skodljivec's School of PLO

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • Kyyberi


    When you c-raise QT87ds against aces, you say your opponent's shove is standard. To me that looks like horrible overplay, he needs 40% equity to justify the shove.

    It would be hard to give you a range where he has 40% with bare aces.
  • Skodljivec


    Well he had aces and i basically had the best hand i can have on the board, and still had 38%. You have to think of my range as well. I'm not only reraising my hand here, especially if i'm given the idea he's able to fold bare AAxx there. If i get that feeling, i will start raising him there with bare Txxx, and bare FD's, and he'd be making a big mistake by folding
  • Kyyberi


    The thing is that if he goes broke to those kind of flops with bare aces when SPR is almost 5 and opponent is putting him on aces, it can't be +EV in the long run.

    If going broke with bare aces at SPR 5 on almost any flop isn't overplaying aces, what is?
  • Skodljivec


    It's not overplaying on this board. The thing is, i can rarely hit this flop myself, so his cbet here is ok.

    But so is his call. After all, like i said, the best hand i can have here is the type of hand i have. If i'm given the impression that he's folding to my c/r here, i'll start c/r with hands like Txxx, 4xxx, 56xx, knowing he will fold all but the suited aces, and he can be hugely exploited there. Also, i have a lot of 4567, 567x type of hands in my range, and he would make a big mistake folding AAxx there.

    Ofc this isn't a hugely + EV spot for either of us, but with the dead money in the pot already, i think he would make a big mistake folding vs my c/r range there.


  • JonikoP


    Great video again - thanks.

    In future videos (or coaching) I'd really like some more hand evals for 3-bet pots and some commentary on bet sizing, when you would elect not to c-bet, when you would donk, etc.
  • Skodljivec


    Hey JonikoP.

    I'll definetly keep that in mind. If not for this series, then for the next one.

    Thanks for the feedback
  • riouzaki


    Great series and i wait for the live play ;)

    One small question only.. you think OMAHA is more profitable than Holdem?
  • Skodljivec


    Hey riouzaki.

    First of all, thanks :). This is one of the questions i'm asked all the time. Even tough the rake is huge and players are getting better, i belive PLO is, in fact, more profitable than hold'em. However, you have to be mentaly strong to withstand the swings; w/o that, you are drawing dead before you start :)

    However, the main reason i fell in love with it the second i tried it, was that it was, at least for me, more fun than NLH.

    I believe you can crush any poker game if you put in the necessery effort tough, so just go with the one you are having more fun
  • riouzaki


    I like the way you think, from the answer i understand you are not only smart but wise also.

    Thanx again for the videos and wish you best luck at the tables (although you dont need it ;) )

    ps. i also believe OMAHA is more fun and interesting since its more complex
  • apache777


    Hello, first of all I want tell really BIG THX for your videos and especially for your coaching. It is very very helpfull for me.

    I got 1 question, may be with my bad english I can't ask it correct, but... It is allways on my mind when 4 betting with aces or call 4 bet with rundowns. So, when I 4 betting with aces and jam any flop with SPR around 1 it is profitable, right? But when I call 4 bet with rundown, and stack off on good flop for me, it is profitable too. How it can be? Both players: who 4 betting aces and who call 4 bet, make profit from same pot??
  • Skodljivec


    Hey apache777,

    That's a good question, and i hope i'll be able to explain it to you so you can understand, and others who have the same question as well.

    The reason why that is possible is the dead money already in the pot. If you knew, when you 3bet your rundown, you were up vs aces, than your 3bet would be bad. For example, if you 3bet someone who you is playing 80/5 and you had a read he only opened AAxx, you would make a mistake. However, once you 3bet and get 4bet, you have the odds to call his 4bet, because there's already a lot of dead money in the pot. That's the first thing.

    So once a 4bet happens 100bb deep, there's already around 70bb in the pot. Mathematically, the flop can't miss somene who has AAxx often enough, that his shove isn't profitable on any flop. So in the long run, the guy with AAxx can shove any flop, even tough he is drawing dead sometimes. That's offset by all the times the 3bettor has to fold, or calls but isn't crushing aces.

    So the question now comes for the defender. As there's already 70bb's of dead money in the pot, both players 100 deep have 65bb's left (65+65+70=200bb's at the start), the defender neds around 33% to make a profitable call (as he is risking 65bb's to win 200bb's, roughly 33%).

    I hope you get the basic idea. 3betting someone who you know has aces is - EV. However, we usually don't know that, and when we get 4bet, we have some hands that can save our skin and call the 4bet. That's the thing with plo; equites run very closely.

    So basically: in the long run, AAxx can't miss often enough to not make a profitable shove on any flop, yet there are some hands that flop well vs AAxx. So the only mistake would be 3betting someone you know had AAxx. After that, the whole play is + EV for both sides (ofc, the rundown has to fold when it doesn't hit enough equity otf).

    If this still isn't clear, let me know, and i'll make a video about this math problem in the future if you guys will be interested. But i think i covered the main point.
  • apache777


    Big thx, now I understand it well.
  • TheMan1984


    I seem to be having a huge "overplay syndrome" of playing AAxx or atleast I'm feeling that I lose money 80% of time I got aces in hole. Could you make a short theory + session review video about correct way of playing AAxx in multiple scenarios? Would be REALLY nice!
  • Skodljivec


    Hey TheMan1984,

    a very good idea imo as well. Will be one of my new videos for sure, as it seems a lot of players struggle in those scenarios.


  • adasko99


    Wow,another top video! ^_^
  • Javito987


    Amazing video Skodljivec, I was burning a lot of money in 4bet pots before this. Thank you very much
  • Skodljivec


    You are very welcome guys!
  • MrTrocks


    in min 19 u squeeze JKT8ss isnt this to cloose?