Splitsuit on Petty Theft

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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James "Splitsuit" Sweeney returns with a look Steal situations


hand history review postflop series Steal thematic video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy our latest video from James "Splitsuit" Sweeney

    If you have any questions/comments for James please leave them below
  • Arara


    Nice vid!
  • SplitSuit


    Thanks @Arara!
  • Sattelite1


    Hello James. As always presentation of the video is nuts and is somehow benchmark for all vid producers. Hope you are still doing some more for ps-community. May you also get once some videos wherein you exactly work out the difference between player types what kind of hand ranges you definetly exclude or inlcude for fish,loose passive etc. You´re mentioning of course thoose differences within the video but only as as side aspect. At all thx a lot for this one. Deserves more than just only gold status...
  • SplitSuit


    Thank you so much for the kind words @Sattelite! It's really tough to talk about exact ranges simply because they fluctuate over time...but I'll certainly try to add more of it in future videos.
  • dzikson999


    Nice video, i really like exeples except first one i think we should even consider folding on flop cause we have many tainted outs and we dont draw for nuts so i think despite odds we have lot off reverse inplied odds and its bets to fold flop. And in second hand villain cannot have Ad8d cause we have A off diamonds ?! But great video and nice explanation keep it up.
  • SplitSuit


    @dzikson: I certainly agree that we can consider folding on the flop. It's dependent for sure.
  • ferdy81


    Really enjoyed your video presentation with a simple visual notes and detailed thought process. Will check all your videos. Keep on good work!
  • SplitSuit


    Thanks @ferdy. Enjoy the other videos as well!
  • champ44


    wow ...i can easily say this s the best quality video in all aspects and my first by splitsuit. will check all asap.. ty..
  • SplitSuit


    @champ44: thank you =)
  • fmobil


    Professional, amazing video again, ty :)
  • Evante


    hey Splitsuit,

    how do we identify a hand reader?

    what to look for?

    Or maybe even how to look for players that only look at their hand?

  • SplitSuit



    It's tough to say using just hud stats. But the better you think a player is, the higher chance they are hand reading well and looking at more than just their own hole cards.
  • lolmode


    Best video maker I ever seen. :)

    It's hard for me to understand every pronounsed word but it's much easier when you write main thoughts as text.

    Also I like it how ?particularly? you look at every situation. Will wait for more videos from you :)
  • SplitSuit


    thanks @lolmode =)
  • lugaigai



    I have a question to ask:

    For the hand hero with A6 and shove the river after villain check. I would like to ask what should hero do if villain shove the river instead if check?

  • SplitSuit


    @lugaigai I would call the shove. I continue my read the entire way through :)
  • Ivikt


    In case of A6 on A 8 7 board it's time to balance your check and bet range.
  • Ivikt


    If you face check-raise at NL50 you have to fold it in 80 % of times . Even LAGs doesn't raise a lot , especially at this board
  • SplitSuit


    @ivikt agreed =)