$8R MTT Win with KatieDozier314

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $6.50 - $11
  • Fullring
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KatieDozier314 takes us through a recent $8R victory reviewing her hands and thought processes


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy KatieDozier314's latest MTT Victory Video

    If you have any comments/questions for Katie please leave them below
  • MightySparow


    What do you think about late reging in the last minute to this tournament and dont take double rebuy when you start playing ? This tournament has high addon/rebuy ratio so sometimes its not profitable to play from the start, because you can't take all +chipev spots (chips from rebuy are overpized comparing to addon chips)and on some tables your overral gameplan is not chipev+ so why waste chips :P
  • kbwinsagain


    Great stuff, very thorough. Particularly liked the final discussion about note-taking and the potential benefits (esp when you backed it up with an example).
  • KatieDozier314


    @MightSparow: A lot of people donate their stack early and that's why I like to buyin at the start, but your idea is definitely a reasonable approach too.

    @kbwinsagain: Thanks very much!
  • Wohmfg


    17:30, you say you would shove AA with 11bbs with a reg in the BB. Do you not think you gain more chips by minraising and trying to play the fishier players is more profitable?

    If the reg has a decent calling range then you get your whole stack in with AA a decent amount of the time which is nice, but playing a flop with a worse player that has flatted seems v profitable as well.
  • KatieDozier314


    @Wohnmfg: That's a good point, but there is a trade off in terms of regs being able to exploit you in the future should they notice that you have a monster and opt to min-raise. For example, I have some notes on regs that do this and I get away from hands that I otherwise would have gone with. R/c'ing AA is fine against observant players if you also have some r/f range that short.
  • Wohmfg


    Yeah, how you play a monster there depends on how many hands you have vs the reg. Even if you have a few hundred hands on the reg it doesn't mean he will have picked up your tendencies with monsters yet, and it seems like minraising AA in this spot is the most profitable play till you have 500+ (arbitrary number!) hands on the reg.

    I just think on balance it doesn't matter too much if a reg is going to exploit you far down the line, most of our chips are going to be coming from bad players. The bad players aren't going to pick up on our exploitable play for much longer. Therefore wouldn't it be better to play exploitably in this spot for a long long time? Until the reg has a really good idea of our minraise and shoving ranges??

    Btw I really enjoyed this vid, some nice explanations of spots :)
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Cinco de Mayo < Punta de Mayo

    Seinfeld S8E20 ;-)
  • Rusti18


    Hello Katie, loved the vid, also enjoyed your explanations and hope to see such videos in the future :)

    Regarding the K4s hand at 7:14, in the first hand with QQ, you stated that the player in the big blind was quite aggresive. With that said, do you think it is ok to complete, since with him being so aggresive, I see him raising very often in such spots?

    Hope to see more vids from you soon :)
  • slabar


    what about 2nd part?? obv great video!
  • Madavaster1


    HRC tells us this would be a profitable (+0,33) call with JsTs vs BU ship. The guy is a reg (actually yet another video producer :D). How do you feel about calling in this spot?
  • Madavaster1



    Hope we will get to see pt2 soon :)
  • MRaven


    Seems to me that there is at least one hand missing, because at 24:07 you say that you skip to the next hand you played but you go from 10,740 chips to 15,180 ?!