Bogdan's 10NL SH HH Review: DrDunne

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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BogdanPS goes into another Hand History from our forums, this time a pre-flop pushing situation from DrDunne


3bet 4 bet hand history review preflop User Session Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please Enjoy Bogdan's Latest HH Review

    If you have any questions/comments for Bogdan please leave them below
  • kriko92


    In this particular situation when we 4bet and he ships, when we call our graph will not be breakeven, it will be a losing one. And it will be similar to the one we'd have if we folded every time (because EV of call is almost breakeven).
  • ManiaculDinamovist


    I have watched the video, but I didn't understand which was the conclusion for this hand. I have understood that we should be aware of the fact that it is a high variance spot and also that we breakeven by calling the 5-bet. But nevertheless, to sump up, should we call or fold to the 5-bet shove? This is the question.
  • jachis


    #4 Even in the worst case scenario when villains 5bet range is QQ+ AK, we have around 39% equity so its slightly +EV to 4bet/call.
  • XandreW36


    If you're prone to tilt, than don't call. If opposite is true, call all day long :D... IMO that's the conclusion.
  • Davidbzr


    if you don't know what's the conclusion for the hand, you wasn't paying attention.
  • irobson


    very nice video! finally i realized this thing, that im loosing 28bb on this kind of situation... each time when it happen..