Introducing Pokerguru740: Sunday Million Review: Opening Stages

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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Our New Diamond MTT Coaching Rob "pokerguru740" Kurn brings us his first video along with his aggressive and unique style. This video presents a look back at a deep run in the Sunday Million.


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Comments (12)

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the first video from Robert "Pokerguru740" Kuhn

    If you have any questions/comments for Robert please leave them below
  • pmania


    Is this the Sunday Million or the Sunday Warmup, what did I win if it is the later one 1 day Diamond Status :P ? Nice run btw, how many video's is this going to be in total ?
  • pokerguru740


    It's the sunday million. In total it'll be a 3 part series.
  • geoelt


    welcome :) pls make sure to move the calculator in the recording window but especially the replayer window back so we can see villains stack and cards tät showdown completly, makes the viewing experience a lot more enjoyable... dont really get why this Video is diamond though.... but thats obv. mit your decission ;)
  • Tiltberger


    welcome too ;)

    I would love if you buy a better soundcard/headset. The audio is horrible.

    its the guy that you said you shouldn't bluff... so I think if you don't see value by betting turn its a check. Is that correct?

  • belgianbeer


    Yop, welcome!

    At 13:00 with AQ, I could find an open-4bet here. You have 2 decents blocker and the sizing of the 3bet looks pretty bluffy.
    At 36:30 : you have to raise higher. You give him a pot odd of 1:4.7. He doesn't do any mistakes by flating any FD here. would raise at least 1800 or higher

    In general, I would maybe try to outplay a bit less, it seems you looze a lot of chips by playing like that against recreational player.

    Otherwise, great vid. Can't wait for the next part(s) :)
  • belgianbeer


    2nd was your AJ on wet board at ~34min-ish
  • pokerguru740


    Hi everyone! I appreciate all the welcomes :) Really sorry this video wasn't formatted right, I'm pretty new to the program i'm using and messed it up a bit. Our tech guy is working it out and should be able to fix everything. In future videos the recording and audio should be much better so stay tuned! I'll try to respond to any questions or advice you may have.

    -Belgianbeer: Hand 1, I definitely could 4b/f here and certainly would from time to time. Remember it's important to mix it up, decent chance the guy was just tight as well. Hand 2: Agree, I believe i commented in the video about how I didn't like my raise sizing either, 1800 is much more appropriate.

    -Tiltberger, I was bluffing turn with the intention of bluffing river, however, i didn't which makes this hand pretty bad imo. I agree i should probably just check back turn/fold to river bet. If i do bet turn I should be bluffing river.

    I really appreciate feedback everyone, I love criticism as it can only improve our games. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, The next part(s) are done and should be out shortly. As for the formatting and audio, once again i'm sorry, I'm the worst when it comes to computers ,but ill be doing my best :) Cheers!
  • cyberraver


    min 47: bluff3bet K2s on T92K... what is ur plan if u don´t make 2pair on the turn? bluffshove Turn or try to check it down?
  • Thrashattack


    makes no sense to offer a MTT video for diamond+. Most of the regs of that limit aren't even platinum.
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    In response to some of the demand and since this is Robert's first video for Pokerstrategy so we'd like everyone to see what he can offer we have downgraded this video to Gold Status and future installments will be released at Platinum
  • DntProvokeMe


    Min 25, why do you think, that it is a standard cbet with K5o?