Introducing TomSom87: User Review of Z.Casanovaa

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Our new 180-man SNG coach TomSom87 takes to the Replayer to review a session sent to him by a member Z.Casanovaa


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  • pleno1


    Welcome our newest addition to the coaching team, TomSom87. Its his first video, so play nice, but constructive criticism is always welcome.
  • FLINTY86


    Nice video!
  • tomsom87


    Hope you enjoy it. Would be happy to hear all feedback good and bad! Without feedback there's no way I can improve.....

    Also suggestions for future videos are welcome.
  • dexter182B


    you must write on tags that this is a 180 sng
  • nutural


    good stuff - especially because you do "what if" analysis. meaning what if position was different, or stack was different etc...
    keep up the good work mate
  • metza


    Thanks for the review!

    Definitely opened my eyes to my lazy shoves where I didn't wanna deal with postflop eg. open shoving the JJ and 88 knowing its not -EV to shove, even though it wasn't max ev by a long way.

    (Also am mainly playing NL25 SH, not NL50 if its relevant)
  • coldchurch


    Really nice vid! Im relatively new here, have some questions.

    With how many blinds would u shove AKs UTG in stead of minraising? 12? 10?
    Would u also minraise 88 or 77 UTG having 14 or 13bb? In these 2,5 180's u often get flatted, and then the high cards on the flop are nasty.

    Hope u can tell something about restealing vs late stealers in the next vid. I never know what range to do it with and against whom.
    (Sorry for my bad English.)
  • tomsom87


    @dexter: I don't know who does the tags but I'll ask if this can be sorted.

    @nutural: Thanks for the feedback, will try and keep doing this as much as possible.

    @metza: Was just biggn' you up! :p

    @coldchurch: With regards to AKs I think my action would depend on position, players behind & stack sizes. 88 or 77 will certainly be a plus ev shove with 13/14bb from any position, and in the past I think that has pretty much been my default play. Will be interesting to see if R/C'ing turns out to be more profitable.

    Theres actually a ton of stuff to discuss here so before I do my next HH review I will certainly try and talk about these things in detail. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Affluenza


    Great video! Thanks, Keep em up
  • quis


    Nice vid and nice explanations!

    @41:50 you say you prefer r/c to shoving. Imo this line gives the blinds the opportunity to resteal with hands like Ace rag which they might fold otherwise. I think thats also more likely than seeing them restealing with hands like Kx, Qx.
    What do you think?
  • tomsom87


    Yeh absolutely agree. Some regs are 3b shoving a wide range of hands vs a button open and we can induce them to do so with a whole heap of hands we have crushed.

    And the other advantage we have is that if both blinds are nitty and both get it in then we can get away knowing that we are way behind.
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!
  • smashedagain


    not bad. once you get the nerves sorted i'm sure you'll be great addition to the site
  • Slaker


    Good luck, man and wellcome to pokerstrategy. I wait for videos on other limits.
  • palmtrees


    loved it. specially the motivation of your choice of play
    hope you do more brons and below vids
  • Member0815


    @ comment 12: in my opinion the comment 11 was not in favour of r/c like you seemed to think, because he thinks and I agree btw, I think the main part of his shoving range is espacially since we don´t have a blocker for that like for KJ and so on a broader range of aces, espacially suited probably Ax, against which we are behind and we can make them fold by shoving, to the "2nd advantage" (which is the only one according to me and comment 11): the precepion of how those guys are playing is not dependend on the hand, so I know them to be nits before and of course if they throw away everything but the nuts against any raise I am not going to risk more chips than necessary, but that just means I am going to adjust to that type of player against all the rest I would still prefer the shuff.
    A second scene caught my attention. Just before there was a hand with JTo. Folding brings us consistantly -1100 Chips. Calling and Folding to the all in if we don´t hit assuming he always goes all in or calling if we hit would give us in 2/3 of the cases -3100 Chips, in 1/3 however we have a better than evan chance on a 22584 Chips pot in which in which we lose 10742 if he beats us but win 11842 if our hand holds, if I calculate that we better of than losing 1100 chips all the time if we can give ourself 60.5% in case we hit the flop to win the hand, I don´t have the feeling this is unrealistic, what do you think?
  • lolbin7RNMD


    thank you, by far the easiest video to follow so far I've watched on pokerstrategy on sng/mtt. Really enjoying it, and your way of explaining everything just clicked. Looking to watch more of your videos, even though I'm mostly MTTs instead of 180 mans, I think the situations and blind structure seems to be pretty similar. Thanks for making this video!
  • fishandgo


    Thank you for the video!