Pleno1 Live 4-tabling 200NL Zoom

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Our NL Boss Pleno1 is back and taking to the NL200 Zoom tables on Stars for a Live Session. Definitely one not to miss.


4-tabling Live Video Pleno1 Zoom

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the latest video from our NL Boss Pleno1

    If you have any questions or comments for Patrick please leave them below
  • 24magus24


    Great video!
  • Sneijder1091


    Great format to follow! Very good content
    and exciting to watch!
    Pls more! :D
  • JaySie94


    lol, free content. thx ^^
  • jules97


    Great video. :D

    TJo hand, fucking pro... damn...
    Some nice river raises,bluffs and inducing.

    20:40 in TT BBvCUT, no 3bet preflop, why?
  • gaijin69


    OMG, you're like the coolest coach on PS right now! (sorry to all of you Spanish- and Russian-speaking coaches - no comprendo, k caxalenuy ;) ).

    Not only are you crushing the game, but you also tend to throw in those hilarious off-hand comments which make watching the videos you make sooo fricking enjoyable!

    Need moar!
  • Pkrpains


    That JTo hand was super well played indeed. Very nice vid Patrick, made lots of notes, got new ideas, food for thought. :)

    p.s have you shipped that book to me? Haven't received anything yet. :|
  • gadget51


    absolutelt no clue how you think so fast, just superb...and funny. :)
  • Tim729


    Good video, thanks.
  • FaLLout86


    Great Video :)
  • DonkeyDirk


    That graph :)
  • Kade


    Table 1: Its SB vs BB he probably openraises over 50% maybe a lot more. You 3bet he calls. You checkback the flop. (which is standard i guess)
    On the turn he bets (call whatelse).
    On the river he bets, and you just call!??? Seriously this is so nitty, you rep completely nothing when you shove, so a good regular probably catches you superlight. You beat shitloads every 2pair he would snap, KQ villain can easily have AJ...he has a lot of hands in his 3bet-callingrange which would/could call here. And your like never beat KK JJ TT he ships pre AQ probably 2. 44 he wont call 3bet oop and Q9s also probably a fold.
    So how can you not shove here????

    I mean this vid probably anyways a joke, cause you dont want2make ppl better.... normally dont watch coaching vids (guess i quit this one after 5min to)
  • alderfalder


    "He can buy a hamburger or whatever"
    so freaking good:D

    well played Sir;)
  • Endurx


    simply masterpiece
  • kirasaki01


    why you dont use hotkeys ? :)

    anyway high quality Vid Sir
  • yoshiwa


    the 3b @13:38 with Q5s , i know the guy has a high F23b% , but isn't your sizing almost giving him a call anytwo because of odds and position?
  • pleno1


    Halo all :)

    @yoshiwa, on iPad now so can't check but I assume he is short stack? They are petrified to play post flop so you can give them 100000/1 and they will fold

    #weak #tight #punish
  • pleno1



    Yeh I wouldn't shove much bluffs here at all with sizing as he has a lot of qq combos in his range so I would shove few bluffs and don't need to shove that much value combos. Anyway I just had instinct to call so went with it. Min raise fold could be cool too!
  • Sneijder1091


    again great vid...
    Bronze star complaining here about this content is ridiculous... but whatever!
    SB seems to be nitty and a bit deeper is likely to call many of the JJ,TT,AQ combos...
    and dont see him defending oop many JTo,KJo combos... so the call is def best play imo!
    Again very well played and entertaining to follow! :D
  • stylus20


    well good vid, i hope for some 5/2+ vids in the future, where the playerpool isn't that horrible.
  • niveaformen


    Nice video.

    Folding 22 IP vs 14-6 3bet looks too nitty with such odds.

    Zoom vs rush general?
  • buschips


    PT4 BB=HM BB=Big Blinds, is changed within PT4 for NL/PL-Games, so more PTBB/Big Bets/Big Blinds confusion ;)
  • buschips


    you should take a look at the Ft3bet-Stat in PT4, I would advice to take the "Fold to 3bet after raising"-Stat instead of "Fold to 3bet"
  • pleno1


    @24 ooooh really? Haha ok thanks

    @25'i absolutely love 3betting so will just pretend its the same ;) but no serious thanks!
  • Kade


    @20-21 Dont want2make your video bad or anything, just read my post, was a little bit harsh and inapropriate.

    Just to the hand again, I mean I dont play Zoom much.
    But if I would play this hand on a normal nl200/nl400 table. I would never even imagen that the villain has 125bb deep JJ, and TT AQ also very rarely in a his range.
    Dont think we should give his stats that much attention I mean we got 39 hands (if I read it in HUD correctly), so a 18/16 or whatever he is could easily be 28/25 in reality.

    But maybe zoom is diffrent...

    If the dynamics are rly that tight, I think the hand is good, although I still would probably raise small and fold. I mean as you said you dont rep that much, cause you checked the flop, just AQ.

    Overall good video.
  • instaflip


    nice lines, nice action, nice to 4table, pretty entertaining, high quality.

    88 <3
  • Phonosapien


    Nice format. MOAR :-)
  • pokermachy


    Awesome vid! Pleno1 and Ugi Peleg ftw!
  • mko101


    could watch this for the rest of my live!
  • mko101


    life* damn typo
  • metza


    Nice vid!

    Wondering how you have managed to label yourself blue haha, didn't know you could do that...
  • hoogi88


    nice video! more of that please
  • spike778


    absolutely fabulous thanks a lot for sharing with us !

    @metza you can label yourself in replay mode.
  • fortunewheel


    bb/100 on PT4 = the same as on HEM2. it literally says big blinds/100.

    so there's no difference anymore as opposed to PT3.

  • maritsula


    great video, we want more !
  • double2


    ~min 18, the JT c/r river hand. Should he be value betting 9x on the river?

    Great Video!
  • dsusinov


  • msk8884


    ~min 24. you open AJo from late pos. and a guy in the blinds 3bets you. you say "he 3bets me again, and does not fold to 4bets." is there no reason to call in position with AJo?
  • SvenBe


    Hi guys,as explained in the news about Pleno1's missed coaching before, we are setting back the status to Diamond now!
  • peche025


    36:30 AKs sqz hand, what's you plan OTT for a hand that gives you equity if you get a call as with such a large cb you leave an unusual amount left behind
  • any2just4u


    Hi m8. Congrats for the video and for your results. Keep crushing ;)

    I like your approach to the NLz200. I have a similar strategy.

    BVB where you did 3b 22, as someone said before, i also like+ a shove OTR.

    Just one question regarding the @min44, bottom left, where you capped your range w/ A9 and faced a 3x pot OTR. Do you call a 2x pot?

    PS: Can explain to you why im asking this in pvt :)
  • yoshiwa


    @18:23 you seem to be getting away with not giving your play when darwin doesnt 4bet. I think JJ would be appropriate altough 4bet is never a bad option i think flatting is more EV , what do you think?
  • Clickbox


    Was just going to watch this again, such a shame it's only available to diamond now.
  • Qurion


    Quality staff:)
  • wrng


    hello i have no idea why you do not 4 bet your ak s vs bb when you opened on the button,you open 4 he reraised so small 10 and you just called ...flop you have position and a backdoor flush draw max, why dont you call flop at least once? anyway it would be fine if then ,when someone i think opened utg you decide to 3 bet and then he 4 bet and you go for 5 bet or something like i am not sure of the action , why dont you just fold here ?your image is pretty tight and he open utg what is generally a good hand .sorry for my accent man i am french lol hf and gl
  • pleno1


    Hey 47, what minute is this sorry bro?

    Qurion, thanks man!
  • pleno1


    Yoshiwa, which table? I dont think I understand.
  • pleno1


    any2just4u, meh if i wasnt on camera I would have called the bet no matter the size heh. I guess folding any size is generally going to be good and betting when checked to is best
  • pleno1


    Peche, just c f I assume his range is joke strong when he calls me otf
  • pleno1


    msk, yeh I think calling is an option, I dont mind 4bet fold, call or fold
  • pleno1


    Thanks for all the other nice comments guys!
  • atton64


    I opened a topic, please go there to discuss.


    I dont wanna be rude, but lets get started...

    This is the second time I see your video. I didn't like some spots in the video, so I rather slept some before rewatching.
    Why do you have so small sample sizes if this is your main limit?

    4:13 22: you cant really say he is a nit cause you dont have sample size so you should play against him as unknown. I think I like the flat more but I don’t hate 3betting tho. Flop and turn is good, but I absolutely don’t like your river decision. If you were a nit it would be maybe ok to just call, but man you play hyper aggro (at least in this video) and every player can see that you are always out of the line. But this is not just matter of balancing but EV too. I think not shoving is bad in both regard. And Im 100% sure that if you have weak Tx OTR you would have fistpump shove as a bluff.
  • atton64


    AA against shorty: Without further info (for example: he will spazz when feel weakness; barrelhappy etc) it is a mistake-not a huge one- to not broke.

    22:00 AKo:he is 3betting so small and you didn’t 3b when you are deep? You don’t even know if he is a reg. This is just a huge mistake to not 3bet against a gay 3b vs unknown. Sorry to write this again but Im sure that if you had some A6o or something like there you would 4b.
    22:27 95s: I don’t hate the pre call altough I don’t think that is significantly better than neutral ev. Against the total unknown recreational player the xr is just burning money. He bet small but you can never know whether he wish to fold or just bet something small with the intention of not folding. I think calling>folding>xr. Turn and river plan was good.
    24:30 AJo: Why do you check foldto4b stat when you have 300 sample size? This not make any kind of sense.
    28:30 AK: flop is ok, but why check turn? This is a card that you should barrel in order to being able to 3barrel bluff and because it is the most +ev line when no furher info is available. You say that he will bluff clubs too. But you block at least half of his clubdraws.So once again this check is awful both in game theory both in pure EV wise.
    30:45 K7s: I dont love your 3bet size when being this deep. You should bet bigger, cause you wish to build a bigger pot when being the aggressor in position and with decent range. Flop betsize is bad too. Ok, it is maybe good for your hand, but bad for your range. Your range hit this board well and being deep so I don’t see the point of cbetting half pot with your whole range nor splitting your range into multiple betsizes.
  • atton64


  • duder1n0


    thanks, good stuff, some thought-provoking plays, got my brain going

    liked the commentary as well :)
  • luca02


    great vid!
  • pasOa


    great content with the right amount of entertainment in it!
  • naumuni


    great video pleno.excellent :)
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the vid!