SNG $33 Session Review

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Session Review

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  • Voight


    #1 lol :P I like reviews, more stuff like that plz!
  • yaxkukmian


    4:00 I think leading out is ok, because you have 2 opp - bb can hold anything, utg AKs...if u give them a free card and it comes 3rd suit you can't protect it.

    12:25 very hard push with J7o(danegerous bigstack, don't have info about him).

    21:36 big mistake not pushing JTs (nice explanation)

    24:45 Q8o how can u push that? (understand your logic but it's so marginal hand, whoever calls u you're out)

    25:44 72o I still don't call it. he's pushing any two, but can't have worst hand than ours :D after that hand we're heavily crippled with only 2900chips left

    26:30 nice explanation unam

    31:50 A4o that player is the only a bit loose, why not call him with our hand since we are chip leader and we can't bust out.

    39:00 I can't push 69 in that situation. our image is totally loose and sb and bb are calling us with 66+ pair and almost any A.

    understand that you have to aim for win but playing on the bubble with such hands busts you out immidiately.

    Very good review Unam! Tnx for this video

  • wool85


    -72o is just a plain oddscall we have to do imo. Even if we lose this one, we have 5bb, which doesn't cripple us considering the blinds and the other player's stacks. In this case I would see myself as crippled if I had 3bb or less.

    -A4o is a hand, I don't like to call either. We are just way too often dominated and against all hands that don't dominate us we only have 60/40. With all the other players about even stacked we don't have to give up our chiplead and most of our fold equity that easy.

    -last hand: Even if he calls 66+, Ax it's close not to push. But I don't believe he calls any A, at least I wouldn't (see: A4o).
    Especially in these high blinds it's great to push very loose imo.

    "Fair share of suckouts" <3
  • allurchips


    i like the maths side of the game but i def wouldnt have pushed the 6-9 off.especially with the short stack thier.
  • MikaKoivisto


    Big mistake to push 96o, you have to play for the win but you don't have to be stupid and give away chips and risk a lot of equity with that short stack around. It is not that unlikely that either blind has a real hand and they might still call more lightly after you have been pushing a lot.
  • viewer88


    Like the A4o fold because pushing is always better then making a marginal call for the bigger part of your stack. Call is +EV, but saving your stack and playing agressive first-in is better imo.

    nice vid, gg unam :)
  • gorgi0128


    Very informative video. I'd fold 96 to push next hand against the midstacks.
  • nicol988