12-Tabling Low Stakes 18-Man SNGs

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $7
  • Fullring
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Fitzinator18 once again takes us into the world of mass multi-tabling live as he review a session of 18-man SNGs he recently played on Pokerstars


live session MTSNG Session Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy the latest session review from fitzinator18

    If you have any questions/comments for Steven please leave them below
  • sh1n


    fitzinator18 make a Video about 18's and played self only about 3k Games....
  • Glopslart


    Sound quality utterly execrable
  • CollinMoshman


    Nice video! I liked the discussion of the AK hand early facing raise and flat, I think a lot of guys are way too quick to 3bet every spot like that, but based on the stats of the flatter and effective stack, I agree with you about 3bet/calling.

    Very solid analysis throughout.
  • grayarea


    I thought the sound was fine. I think you point out yourself (24:20) a problem with this live review format. One idea might be to review the recording beforehand and write down the timestamps and hands that you want to talk about along with some notes. So you can pause more and go through spots a bit more clearly. Also one issue with the quality is that even at 1080p it's hard to read your HUD. Maybe it's the recording resolution? Cheers.
  • grayarea


    Oops make that 23:33
  • sunchyme1


    hey man great video! Do a lot of the points you talked about apply to 9 mans as well?

    For example at 38mins, you talk about the situation between you and the short stack in the blinds and how folding here closes the gap between you two so you opt for a atc shove. So in a 9 man bubble, can you apply this line here? Even vs a reg and even though the nash range wont be atc? Thanks
  • amorimrj


    nice video !!

    Great comments , i have one question .

    at (23:16) you folded AJs Utg 13 bb on the left top table. This is correct ??

    Thanks and sorry my poor english...

    Cheers from Brasil !!!
  • fitzinator18


    #8 7 handed it's a fairly standard fold. however, minraise-evaluating is also totally fine too. I wouldn't openjam though!