Trouble Spot Analysis: Blind Defence

  • Omaha
  • PLO
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Skodljivec continues his new Trouble Spots series looking at Blind Defence


Blind Defense series trouble spots

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    PLease enjoy the latest video in Skodjlivec's Trouble Spots in PLO Series

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • Skodljivec


    Hi guys,

    i just wanted to say i realised i forgot to mention my HUD in the vid, so here it is:

    Flop/turn/river cbet, fold flop/t/r
    Flop/turn 3b pot cbet, fold flop/t, steal
    donk/ftdonk bet/flop raise, WTSD/ af.


  • dani2671


    It's a very interesting video. Thanks for your job!
  • Mack0


    I liked this video. When you're mentioning alternative scenarios, could you please talk about what you would do, at least briefly? For example, around 27:00 you say you should have 3bet AAxx and then things would be easier. It would be nice if you told us if you would bet/call or x/r on this flop (I'm assuming you would bet/call to not let the opponent get a free card?).
  • tartinopainfrais


    ty very interesting i've learnt a lot !!!
  • MGF001


    Hi, again a very helpful Video :)

    in Minute 11 you cbet your AA on the 642 -Flop vs the Maniac.
    Why no ch/r? Wouldn't this be a perfect Opponent for this?

    Or do think, this is a flop, where you cannot represent anything and a aggro-opponent can bluff you here with any4? ... So you can get all his Money in, whereas ch/r would lead his worst Hands to a fold?!

    Best MGF
  • Skodljivec



    sorry for the late response.

    #4 depends on how staby opponents are. In general i think bet call is fine there.

    #3,5 great to hear!

    #6 I could check raise for sure. However if he has any piece of the flop he is going to raise any piece of it. We also bet cause we don't mind him to fold. We prefer to just take the dead money here instead of getting the money in not crushing.


  • MrTrocks


    i dont get the point in the last hand why u overplayed ure hand. what will u do instead of donk flop turn?
  • h0lla


    at the last hand:
    is check/call and bet on riverhit an alternative?
    or is your play much more +ev?
  • Skodljivec



    potting both flop and turn is bad cause i'm isolating myself too often vs really strong hands.

    I think also a c/c ott makes no sense, cause we want to be agressive to have some fe. And often he will fold turn, but maybe a c/rai would be a better, as we have the best hand quite often.


  • LagFM


    Hi Skod,
    here at 24:00, you're saying that vilains are around 50bb deep, but I think it's PLO50 so they are actually more around 100bb deep.

    Does that change the analysis you've made?

    Love your vids by the way :)