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Skodljivec takes to the 25PLO Zoom tables on Pokerstars for a Live Session and he explains his thought process while playing


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy this live Zoom video from Skodljivec

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • SeagalSteven


    "No disrespect if any of you guys are fish, sorry, if any of you guys are greek." lol
  • Skodljivec



    That really was an honest mistake... I was thinking if i should remake the video just because of that one thing, but hopefully noone will take it to heart :)


  • apache777


    Very good video. Especcialy very helpful to see how too play on downswing session, when missed flops and suckout when hits.

    ps And greeks (and brazilians:D) are players which I definetly like to play with:D
  • coldchurch


    Great vid, looking forward to more PLO (Zoom) vids. U didnt 3bet the AA99 in the beginning (forgot exactly where) because of the rainbowness?

    By the way, how many tables do you play at max? Are u a PLO-multitabler?
  • Skodljivec


    #5 thanks :)

    #6 Yeah if they were rainbow that's the reason. I either play 6-8 regular tables or 3-4 zoom ones.

    I also play up to 12 tables if they are super fishy, but i'm definetly not playing my A-game when doing that, so i'm trying not to do that anymore.


  • chegui11


    Hi! In ur opinion, ur stats cbet flop and cbet turn are normal for microlimits and not be exploited?
  • Mack0


    28:30- would you have called preflop if the BU called? On one hand we would have better odds, but on the other hand our hand is not really nutty and we could even be dominated in a 3way.
  • Mack0


    Nice video, it was nice to see how you behave when you just miss a flop.

    Next time you record a live session could you please talk more about your game plan? For example, if you float, could you please tell us which cards you are going to barrel on the turn and which ones you are going to fold on if the opponent bets? It would really help us improve our hand reading skills (it helps us understands what hand you're trying to represent when floating).


  • Skodljivec


    #8 i think having around 60-70 flop and around 50% turn is very solid an unexploitable.

    #9 and #10

    i think it's still a call... If it were single suited or T876ds i would probably fold.

    I'll try to focus on explaining the game plany next time. Thanks!
  • ched2803


    1.When is your next video?
    2.Can you do a plo50 zoom plz?
    3.What would you say are the big differences between plo25 and 50? And plo50 and 100?

    Thank you
  • Skodljivec


    Hi ched2803

    1. I release 2 videos per month, so the next one should come out next week.

    2. Will keep that in mind :)

    3. Plo25-plo50; regs are a bit better as there the first "pro's" play. Plo50-100, again regs a bit better, some quite a lot (the ones who used to play higher), and fewer fish.


  • LetMeTiitU


    Hi, thx for videos. Just to the hand with double-suited kings around 15:25. It's not such mistery, why he just called flop :)) His plan is to lower variance by not going all-in right on flop, but waiting if turn pairs board as he expects you have aces often - then he would give up his wrap, which I put him on. You can see this moves quiet often.
  • Skodljivec




    why would he want to lower variance at the expanse of fold equity? Also him assuming i have aces otb there is just wrong :)

    But i agree with your thoughts why he might do that. Still i'd usually shove here to have some FE in his shoes.


  • MGF001


    Again a question about the rainbow AA99 in BB vs an MP-raise:

    Would you 3bet a single suited AA96 for example (vs unknown).
    this Hand has nearly the same equity vs one Opponent.
    If yes: do you see a difference in postflop playability in These 2 Hands?

    Best MGF
  • MGF001


    In 11:30 you donk on table 2 with Aces. I think, this is a bet fold?!
    With what Kind of Hand-board-combination would you bet/broke?

    Best MGF
  • Skodljivec


    #16 i very rarely 3b in BB actually when i'm closing the action, so i only 3b the real premium hands there unless it's vs a fish ofc.

    #17 yeah it's a bet/fold for sure. The idea is to see what he has; my AA are ahead of most of his range there. I don't understand about hand-board-combination question tough.


  • MGF001


    I meant some kind of balancing:

    Would you donk/broke something on the same board-structure?

    Would you donk anything on other board-structures?

    I know: balancing is not really a thing on this Limit, but anyway, if I always fold after such a donk, I will feel very transparent...
  • Skodljivec


    I see.

    Thing is, noone will punish you if you do that. And if they start raising, you obiously adjust with hands you are willing to go broke with, so you change your donks with the hands you would c/r as a deafault.


  • riouzaki


    First of all i must say that i am Greek.. after that i must say i laughed a lot with your comment about us lol. I didn t take any offense, because i know you didn t had bad intention and i think you are too smart to be racist or smt like that. Also, unfortunately i must agree with you, that we are not good players (generally), but still i can think many other countries that are also bad at poker (i wont say more since is not the issue here).

    Apart from that and into the point, i really enjoyed your new video. Keep up the good work.

    ps. i rate 5 stars as always (in case anyone doubt about what i said ;) )
  • Skodljivec



    Hey man, of course i'm not racist or anything :). But like you said,i think a lot of players from Greece are recreational ones, that just want to play for fun. There's nothing wrong with that obviously.

    I really never ment to look like i have anything vs anyone, and i do believe that's clear from the video.

    Again sorry if i offended anyone.


  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Skodljivec,

    I wanted to ask you if you could spend 5 minutes on a video discussing PLO downswings and/or variance with perhaps advice to help people get through the downswing, how you handled ones personally in the past (play through them, take a break etc. ) and perhaps what biggest up and downswings were in your PLO carreer and how long it can take to recover from a downswing. I am personally going through a rough plo time with 3 BI below ev over the last 25 sessions losing 75% of all 75-25% all in spots (in my favor of course : ) which is excluding the spots that PT4 doesnt even recognize as a bad beat, for example raising turn max with nutstraight, and opponent with 2 pair flatcalling with 3bb behind and then hitting a 4 outer on river but then we go all in officially but pt4 then says that I had 0% equity at the moment of all in. : / anyways, hope you can make a video addressing this issue because I believe it also belongs to the things you should learn in the school of PLO: Thank you!
  • Skodljivec



    I'll keep that in mind. I agree, the mental game is very important in PLO. I'll think of a way to add it in a video in the future. Good idea :)


  • Lasso


    great video, really enjoyed it <3