NL $10 FR Session Review

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  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Fullring
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In this session review on room Poker, Hasenbraten talks about equity and the starting hand chart. He plays without poker software and relies on what happens at the tables.


Equity Starting hand chart

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  • Mudrinjo


    first!! :P
  • Chef0815


    to be second is better ;)
  • TheBrood


    Good video. You are getting better at this each time lol
    The Equilator part confuses me, and I bet not many ppl use Equilator that much at this limit anyway =)
    I think most ppl use Elephant basic stats, might be good to use these. thnx.
  • Balanarm


    Very nice, thanks
  • dallievas


    Nice vid,thanks.JJ+fd hand analysis was very interesting for me.Can you do video with stats next time (only basic stats).
    Gl :)
  • monicajmv


    Nice video! I add to the request of a video with basic stats next time!

  • kaziukonis83


    I think thats a quite good video, but I wouldn've played so much hands. Statistics shows, that you didnt extract so much value from middle starting hands.
    I play it in another way, but your technique is also interesting.
    Maybe I'm just too tight player in micro limits :)