The Home Game: Reviewing TinoLaan

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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EmmanuelC continues his Homegame series with a look at the game from the perspective of member TinoLaan


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  • Lazza61


    Nice one Tino and Manu
  • Rihard4a


    why for me the video is only 9:36 long?
  • Rihard4a


    nvm, it was 1080HD, on 720HD it is fine
  • sileekhunt


    @ richard4a, yeh same thing happened here !
  • fusionpk


    @12min or so my 4b: I didn't expect anyone here to have a 5b bluffing range so I don't see much point in making it smaller. I also didn't wana make it smaller and get flatted whilst im OOP.

    I do think smaller is better if they're folding the same % of the time but still I don't think 20bb OOP over an 8bb 3b is too bad.

    In my general gameplan I am 4b'ing slightly bigger OOP to IP.
  • fusionpk


    @50mins: Agree I really fucked up on sizing, just a mistake, flop shoulda been bigger also prefer slightly bigger OTT. But flop was main problem, if I go bigger OTF, slightly bigger OTT I have easy R shove. Idk what was going on here haha!
  • fusionpk


    Although OTF btw my range is certainly not polarised here.

    Personally I think hero here should fold QQ OTT. He's playing a guessing game and I'm barreling off here vs him like ALOT.
  • fusionpk


    Haha, knew the overbet hand was coming.

    So some things.

    Firstly, I think if I chose to overbet in this spot for value, I may aswell go bigger.

    Secondly I think my overbet is bad vs most good players.

    Thirdly I think calling my overbet is even worse.

    My reasoning at the time: AJ+ most likely 3b PF (Which is also why AT is bottom of my overbet range OTR). 22 is insanely unlikely, as is A2. (Combo wise + possibly PF + u possibly raise flop = unlikely atleast). A8 is possible, still you may raise this on double FD board either F or T. So your river range is either insanely unlikely slow played hands. Busted draws. Or mediocre Ax of which you have ALOT by the river. All of which I beat.

    So whilst your range isn't completely capped, it's pretty faceup and apart from the slowplayed monsters its almost capped.

    With that in mind I decided to go with the overbet, expecting you to not fold Ax. AND.... it worked. Fabulous.

    I mean maybe I read you right this time. Maybe I got lucky whatever. But in reality. In your shoes I am never calling with A9, and I also think alot of good regulars are never calling with A9. But would call a 2/3-3/4 sized river bet. From your perspective I should know your range is Ax and busted shit. If I wanted to fold busted shit i'd only need to bet 1/3 pot or so. So the overbet means that I'm targeting Ax. And who in there right mind tries to make someone fold TP BvB on a bricked double fd board. + Apart from busted draws it's hard for me to have bluffs here. Idk.. seems faceup for value to me.
  • RasTweet


    Good video! Thanks guys.

    I remember the 77 as well I think. I think you squeezed and you were soo squeeze happy during this game. So I thought my 77 is the very bottom I could shove. Thats one thing I noticed during the game that you were very squeeze happy but then giving up the whole time post flop.
  • Riverdiver


    Why is there so much emphasis on balance in this video @ nl10? Is it because they're all regs who are almost all capable of playing nl 25?

    Also, when do you decide wether you're worrying about balance or population tendencies of the stakes you're playing? I guess that the better the opponent, the more attention you should pay to being balanced?
  • EmanuelC16



    If you don't know your opponent's range exactly, you should focus on your own range. The word 'balance' is thrown around too much nowadays and more importantly misunderstood.

    Regarding population tendencies, they don't apply here since we are playing a diverse group of regulars. Those tendencies change so often that if you don't review them like every 2 weeks you will be wrong more and more often til you end up losing.
  • Mauslord