Trouble Spot Analysis: 3-betting without AA or KK

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Skodljivec returns with his Trouble Spot Analysis series looking at situations where we 3-bet non-premium high pair hands


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi all

    Please enjoy Skodljivec's latest PLO Video

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • NORTH23


    Thanks for that video. It really helps to understand how it profitable to 3bet loose players and easy get their money.
  • apache777


    Nice video, thx a lot. I have some questions:

    1)If on 16.35 opp 4 bets, we have to fold? Cause he have not 100bb, we can't call to see flop, but to push we have bad equity against AA, AKQx, KK which he 4 bets?

    2) On 19.20 if opp 4 bets, we have to push? Cause he got very loose stats and short stack, so I think he 4bets more lightly, and we ahead/fliping against his 4bet range?

    3) And last hand (31.10) if opp 4 bets we have to fold? Cause we have ace and dangler, we can't call 4 bet and if we 5bet we will be in a bad shape against his 4bet range?

    4) As you see, I'm little bit scared about 4bet, when I 3bet=) So even the topic of video is "3-betting without AA or KK", can you please answer a question about 3 betting KK?) If we 3 bet medium KK (KK89ss), and see 4bet (100bb, against not maniac), we have to fold? With premium kings like KKQJds what we do? And with hand like AKKxss?
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    26:00 turn is a beautiful 9 giving us an open ender?!?!? Oo surely a "type-o" Skodljivec or : )thanks for the video great insights and especially the 7dKhKd flop hand around 12:50 where I would with a similar starting hand to yours sometimes find myself up against an opponent that folds turn yes but also at times up against a substantial river raise by an unkown (bluff or value, I don't know perhaps he slowplayed a K? but I couldnt call) and then I felt I had been burning money for 3 streets OOP...any ideas on this or do you still believe most people on microlimits will show that they have a king on such a board earlier on being afraid of the flush coming in and their trips being second best? If someone calls 3 streets to river and you are OOP would you have fired a third bullet with your hand 5678 unimproved with no flush draw arriving by the river or do you actually think people calling 3 streets (instead of raising) is more a sign of weakness than of strength or is it just hard to tell and very situation/opponent dependent? Would appreciate your insight into this matter. Thank you Skodljivec
  • riouzaki


    Crystal clear explanation and presentation. All your videos are amazing, but this one was something else (very hot stuff). Thank you a lot.
  • Mediuminator


    Very good video, we understand clearly the reasons for 3 betting.
    And the post flop play is very interesting as well.

  • MGF001


    very nice:)
    Do you think, hands like AKJ* with a suited K or J are also good 3betting Hands, as they have good raw euity, but the lack of a suited Ace makes them multiway a bit worse?

    Best MGF
  • Skodljivec


    1) sure we can call the 4b with that hand. Connected and double suited cards play well vs AA

    2) i'd fold probably. He's not that short, and most of his 4b range is AA

    3) easy fold yes

    4) Most pairs don't play well vs AA. Connected and ds kings can call a 4b, KK98ss is a BE call, so with the rake you can fold to a 4b and to lower variance. Ultrapremium ds kings like KKQJds can call, but it's not hugely + EV. AKKx is a snap fold tough, basically playing for set value.

    #4 I ment giving us our open-ender :).
    I wouldn't fire the third barrel. In a 3b pot his line would look really strong, such as he doesn't fear me having a FD for example, and wants me to get there. But ofc, it's also player dependand.

    #2,5,6 Thanks a lot :)

    #7 They are definetly good 3betting options vs loose players, but not vs tight ones. And they play better HU for sure.

    Thanks you guys for the feedback.


  • FlyingDutchm1n


    : ) I was just wondering how you could go from the wrap on the flop to an open ender on the turn hihi I guess I knew what you meant, I was just expecting a different reaction by you when the beautiful 9 hit the turn : ) like I hit Nutstraight + straight and flush redraw!!! I was very impressed with the reasoning behind 3 betting with non-nutty hands, as I had always considered "non-nutiness" to be some sort of dirty word in plo : )great video again Skodljivec
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Just wanted to ask you Skodljivec I am starting to try and play these kind of non-nutty hands that you mentioned, 3 bet them to get the hands heads up, but keep finding myself in tough spots where I do get the hand HU with a 3bet, but then am at a loss when I have a strong straightdraw with a non nutty flush draw to boot for example, but then when the flush completes instead of the straight, I am generally not happy if the opponent doesn't fold anymore or raises me when I c bet turn for example, and it generally ends up with me getting raised or called by higher non-nutty flushes by people that still only play the nutty hands even HU and then I get confused about the merit of playing non-nutty hands in plo as it has just cost me money so far (not to be too results oriented of course but my question still stands I believe). Now I think like should I then revert to playing mostly the nutty hands again or I just don't give you an example, I would generally play hands like A89T suited to the ace, which gives you way less difficulties as your situation is pretty much always clear, but now I try 3 bet hands like 6789ss or ds but of course the flushdraw is only to the 9 at best. I hope you understand my issue, your help would be much appreciated.
  • Skodljivec



    It takes practice for sure. If you don't feel comfortable having a wide 3bet range, than tighten up and play stronger hands for sure. However, once you move to plo100+, you are going to have to broaden your 3b range most likely. It's tough for me to give further advice here. Post some hands in the HH eval forum, and we will discuss them there.

    Thanks for the kind words :)


  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Skod, thank you so much for your answer, I will try to post some hands in the hand evaluation forum, I found out where it is. I have one more (broad) question for you that may also be hard to answer, but if you had to give some reasons how you can improve your red line in plo 6max cashgames what would it be? More aggression from in position for example or...would love to hear your reaction, although I don't expect an end all and be all answer, what your ideas on this (especially in a plo context) are; of course it will depend on what type of player you are, but I am still curious if a negative redline is more common in plo than in nlhe for example (e.g. I lose huge bets without showdown for example when I bet wraps or double wraps to the nuts on flop and turn and then get donked into on river when I missed and have ace high for example I can only fold there). However, I don't like my red line, not too steep or anything but I feel this is def. an area of improvement. Thank you once again looking forward to your answer.
  • Skodljivec



    i actually don't know any one winning player (that i'm aware of) that has a positive redline in PLO. It's just that kind of game i would think, and it's way more common in PLO than in nlh. I'm talking here about high stakes players as well; the few i know, all have a negative redline.

    I really wouldn't focus too much on it. The green line is all that matters.

    Hope this clarifies things.


  • Lasso


    nice video, thx
  • ciki333


    Very nice, Škodlivec