Sunday Kickoff Deep Run Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
  • Fullring
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Pokerguru begins a review of a recent deep run in the Sunday Kickoff focusing on how he plays in softer tournaments


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video from pokerguru740

    If you have any questions/comments for Robert please leave them below
  • Talent2


    Hey, thx for the video! :)
    Min 8:35 What do you think about overbet jamming for value, to make it look like you have sth like the nutfd!?
    Min 20:10 I would def. size a little bigger esp. with your hand (I go for sth like 825), do you think thats fine multiway on a very drawy board like this, cause we are not gonna cbet air here ever so I don`t mind betting bigger when my range is kinda strong!
    Min 26:44 Same thing, I bet prolly sth like 925, do you mind!?
    Min 31:22 As this is on of the worst hands in your range on this board how do you feel about checking back flop and delay cbet turn x to get him off of maybe sth like 5s-9s/KQs/KJs/QJs/maybe Js unimp., cause he will be prolly c/c gutters on the flop with the intention to float you oop and given the fact that you have no backdoor equ. you won`t be able to bet twice without good reads, what do you think about that!? Imo thats a good plan ip vs a tight sb-flatting-range with air instead of cbet&pray :P
    Min 44:20 Best hand to c/c with!! I think that has to be the best line with your hand on this board, esp. cause you wonna c/f this board with sth like 9d9h and by c/c this hand you protect your checking range perfectly.

    Thanks for the interesting vid! :)
  • pleno1


    These MTT vids are getting better and better and it's good to see that we don't have nits as intructors. Fun vid.
  • Thrashattack


    great video and sound quality, vigorous explanations!

    The amount of talking is more than adequate. The longer is the getter! Looking forward to see and hear more from you! (:
  • pokerguru740


    Hi Talent2,

    -8:35, I think overbet turn would cause to unwarranted folds which is not exactly what we are wanting, He should really never have that many Kx in his range so I think he just can't see him calling with FD/Jx etc.

    -20:10, I agree i couldve went bigger here

    -26:44, I like my sizing here, Im trying to get gutshots, 9x, weak queens etc to stay in. Also a short stack is in, by cbetting huge I think it looks just a bit too strong since I most likely wouldn't cbet that big light against a shorty.

    -31:22, I think this would be okay, however i tend to cbet my entire range against regs in these spots. I Also dont agree with the assumption he'll always c/c oop with a gutshot, He def will sometimes, not always though.

    -44:20, I kind of like that line and def have taken similar lines in similar spots.
  • hagscel


    thx alot, nice,nice vid i like the j7s at 31:10 alot
  • Loczkens


    -12:00 , what is ur bottom pushing range over that shove aqs TT++?
  • pokerguru740


    Yep pretty much Loczkens
  • Talent2


    -8:35 It doesn`t matter if he has Kx or Jx too much, both are basically bluffcatcher against our shovingrange due to the fact that we won`t have too many Kx ourself + we are not gonna jam Jx! So I feel there could be an argument about shoving for value against some opponents!
    -31:22 If the Reg is not folding 8s on this texture though you have def not a +ev one and done bet with J7s!
    And as he prolly knows sth about your cbet tendencies, he should be def floating every gs on the flop against your 100% cbetting range especially given the fact that you are raising that loose (J7s) from mp! :)

    thx for the quick response!
    hope to see more of your mtt vids :)
  • Talent2


    31:22 I think a fair range for him flatting pre could be sth like 6s-Js ATs-AQs AJo-AQo JTs-KQs & maybe KQo/KJs
    (that is a range of 6,48%) and if he continues with 6s-Js ATs-AQs AJo-AQo and only KQswith the backdoor flushdraw (that is a range of 4,63%) your bet becomes very close! :) sorry just wanted to mention my thoughts on the spot
  • pastagusti


    Hadd főzzek ma magamnak!